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GOTY 2013

Again as always, this is my list of games I played this year in order of lovings.

#Year of the Thief.

List items


  • I really like the way this game handles, and the way the story and missions are laid out to you. Almost like a reverse whodunnit whilst simultaneously being an actual whodunnit.

  • However much I wanted to hate Dota, I have had some of the most rewarding moments of gaming in this damned game. Also some of the most draining moments, but I guess that's the trouble with multiplayer.

  • The simplicity to the complex nature of this game is really what sets it out from other games. It's a fairly complex political simulation, but because of the ultra minimalistic and sleek UI it's really easy to find all the information you'd ever need within seconds.

  • I played the absolute crap out of Trials 2, so to finally get a Trials game back on PC was a blessing.

  • Whilst I absolutely loved this game's predecessor, I haven't been able to get as much out of this game due to the lack of any tangible story/campaign mode.

  • Grid 2 is a pretty damn solid racing game, but the lack of a cockpit mode soured the experience for me somewhat. Also the bloody unskippable, slow-ass menus.

  • Rising Storm essentially more RO2 but in Japan and with more variety; katanas and flamethrowers and knee-mortars? Yes please.

  • Whilst not the most special of games, it's definitely a whole tonne of fun.

  • I really enjoy the open world shenanigans of this game, and a lot of the missions were cool, but I never really gave a shit about the story, and I felt none of the heists were even slightly as good as the first one. There were also a hell of a lot of missed opportunities, so many things could have been expanded on just to make it feel a more well-rounded experience.

  • As with Arma 2, some of the experiences this game can bring forward are incredible, but sometimes it can easily become a huge drag.

  • Pulling off a grand heist with a full team is a pretty great experience.

  • As with Wargame, I haven't really got into this as much as its predecessor, but it's still a pretty decent game, if not with its faults.

  • The sword play in this is super fun, but the gunplay, not so much.

  • This was a fairly mediocre experience. Looked nice, and was kinda of fun, but was way too much of following a straight line path and shooting dudes with a bow and arrow.

  • Monaco is this year's third game where you play as a thief; it's a pretty cool little game, and it looks really nice.

  • I decided to purchase Bioshock infinite due to a really good deal on GMG, even though I really disliked the first game. I didn't really like this one either. The world was well crafted, and the story was fun, but the gameplay was such a drag I never really enjoyed the game.

  • March of the Eagles is a pretty good grand-strategy-come-wargame, but it came out at the wrong time and as such I didn't get to play as much of it as I would have liked.

  • I bought Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, even though I knew it wouldn't be great, because I really wanted a decent sniping game... My ideal sniping game is still not a real thing.

  • Whilst Dungeonland would make a pretty great multiplayer game - in theory - I have been unable to play it with other people so unfortunately I can't say much,

  • Don't Starve is a cool crafting/survival game, but alas, I have not played enough to really judge it fully.

  • Fuck this broken-ass shit.