Best of 2010

AlwaysBeClothing: Best of 2010

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  • This is my Game of the Year, I hope Vinny or Ryan champions the game all the way to the end!

  • Reliving old Jordan memories and my player grinding is everything I wanted.

  • I put many an hour into this my proper introduction into the Civ universe. It delivered on its crazy long games.

  • Maybe since I have such a soft spot for Rock Band 2, but for updating and streamlining the finally ending the product it takes this spot.

  • A true co-op experience, this game helped me feel like I was getting the most out of xbox gold. Playing regularly with 3-4 people every night was awesome.

  • Not content to rest on its heels, they actually added many great new mechanics and awesome tracks.

  • For being the first and perhaps only game I'll ever play co-op with my Brother, I have to give this game props

  • It was more of the same rpg style I wanted from Fable 2, but semi improved.

  • Certainly a game I had a lot of fun showing off to my friends and playing at first. Unfortunately laziness takes over and this game sit on the shelf underplayed.

  • A fun romp, Grand Theft Horse continued the open world style game that I come to expect from Rockstar, with an interesting story and lots of crap to do.