Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

I looked at the wikipedia list of games from 2014 and this is what I came up with.

List items

  • There was a scene that is a beautiful continuation of my favorite Dragon Age storyline and I loved that moment more than anything else I played this year. I spent a long time interacting with the world and seeing the continued stories of the Dragon Age universe.

  • Still one of my absolute favorite games. The HD remaster of FFX was at times beautiful and glaringly not meant to be seen in HD. I still enjoyed the game a whole lot.

  • Got the game as a graphical showpiece for my PS4, ending up really enjoying the powers and open world traversal. Story was decent but it was good enough without overstaying its welcome and a great game to introduce me into my PS4.

  • I thought this was a more interesting story than Season 1. It made me think about the character designs and how I thought pieces of the story didn't work. Clem being a multi racial character is very intriguing in addition to a young girl made me inquisitive about the nature of story telling and how far should a story teller go in an effort to shock players. I really like Clem as a character and want to see where her story goes.

  • A lot of smart choices made to update the JRPG genre and an overall fun story.

  • A weird and quirky game I picked up to satisfy that 999 itch. A fun time with a crazy anime story that despite the mini games, I still enjoyed. A great game that brings value to my Vita.

  • A larger cast and more of the insane zany antics that I come to this series for. The instant suspend nature of the Vita helps me pick up and play.

  • Closest I've gotten to old school Tony Hawk and a rocking soundtrack.

  • The quasi turn based combat system was really enjoyable but I really loved the game's aesthetic and music. Sitting around and enjoying the environments while humming along. A button dedicated solely to humming is just fantastic.

  • As angry as I am at the endgame of destiny and hitting the level "Wall", I still played a whole lot of destiny. The shooting and movement felt great and it was a great reason to spend a bunch of money on a console to play a co-op game with my brother.