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Good games that X-Play hates

Over the years I've gotten the impression that X-Play has given decent games low praise either to start controversy, or overly silly reasons. It's funny that games that are generally well received are maligned by them, and in honor of their recent Metroid review, let's look back at what else they've bashed.  
Are there any other good games you remember X-Play hating?

List items

  • Abbie Heppe complains that Darksiders isn't original. She acknowledges that it's a competent game - but not an original one. Score: 2/5

    Metacritic: 83/100

  • Giantbomb's Wii game of 2010! Certainly X-Play will like this one!...oh. Score: 2/5

    Metacritic: 79

  • Abbie Heppe complains that the Samus in Other M isn't the Samus she dreamed she would be. She also believes Samus was a silent protagonist prior to Other M, which any Metroid fan knows isn't true.

    Score: 2/5

    Metacritic: Currently 81.

  • Score: 2/5

    Metacritic: 82

  • Okay, X-Play didn't "hate" this game but..

    Score: 3/5

    Metacritic: 82

  • I wasn't the biggest fan of Crisis Core, but Good ol' X-Play mocks anything JRPG related.

    Score: 2/5

    Metacritic: 83