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2010 Finished List

A list of the games I beat in 2010, in chronological order. Along with my sudden review score.

List items

  • January 19 2010

    Good: Classic story, old school RPG feel, great challenging combat, gray moral choices.

    Bad: Occasional punishing difficulty, some character models less than impressive.

    Sudden Score: 93

  • January 28 2010, Attained lvl 30 and completed all the X-games. not 100%

    Good: Intense racing, Rally events, Visuals,

    Bad: Overall X games atmosphere, barrage of sponsors, frustrating rally cross events, lack of more rally style events.

    Sudden Score: 77

  • February 6 2010, 35 hours, importing my Adept from Mass Effect.

    Loved: Scifi Story, great fleshed out characters, impact of choices, great exciting third person shooting, import of character, impressive visuals

    Bad: Removal of RPG elements

    Sudden Score: 91

  • February 12 2010

    Good: Clever puzzles, art style.

    Bad: Extremely difficult puzzles.

    Sudden Score: 75

  • February 13 2010

    Good: Great action, wonderful characters, awesome weapons, funny, impressive color cartoon graphics

    Bad: Too short, space flight is unessential

    Sudden Score: 92

  • February 19 2010

    Good: insane destructibility, good graphics, stuff blows up good

    Bad: boring plot, endlessly re spawning enemies, frustrating combat

    Sudden Score: 71

  • February 21 2010

    Good: Great shooting model, brutal WW2 setting, great atmosphere

    Bad: Re spawning enemies, repetitive gameplay

    Sudden Score: 88

  • March 3 2010, beat last boss, 12 hours.

    Good: Addicting classic game play, vivid visuals, pets

    Bad: Not diabolic

    Sudden Score: 90

  • March 6 2010

    Good: Incredible riveting story, great timed events, realistic graphics, shocking plot

    Bad: Uncanny valley, occasionally awkward moment

    Sudden Score: 93

  • March 9 2010, played to completion on the 9th, getting new achievement.

    Good: supremely funny, charming characters, ingenious puzzles

    Bad: it ends

    Sudden Score: 96

  • March 29 2010, 59 hours.

    Good: Fantastic tactical combat, great visuals, impressive art, great character driven story, epic bosses

    Bad: No exploration, removal of rpg elements, slow to start

    Sudden score: 94

  • April 2 2010, 10 hours

    Good: Visually stunning, Unbelievable brutal, incredible set peaces, fast nearly perfect combat,

    Bad: Story is weak,

    Sudden Score: 91

  • April 9 2010, Morally Good, No Vita-chambers

    Good: Engrossing narrative, Great guns, Exhilarating defensive strategy, haunting atmosphere,

    Bad: Déjà vu, lack of first games impact

    Sudden Score: 91

  • April 14 2010, Finished world 8,

    Good: Perfect classic Mario gameplay, challenging platforming.

    Bad: Bad visuals, annoying waggle, uninspired cheap feeling.

    Sudden Score: 78

  • April 29 2010, Finished R1 championship, season 6, Driver level 50

    Good: Perfect controls, Great visuals, Very involving force feedback, almost perfect racing.

    Bad: Endgame becomes a bit tedious

    Sudden Score: 92

  • May 4 2010,

    Good: Great tense atmosphere, great motion controls, ingenious puzzles, smart interesting psychology.

    Bad: A bit predictable, Not very challenging

    Sudden Score: 89

  • May 9 2010, 100% completion

    Good: Awesome exploration based gameplay, great fast action and tight shooting, Impressive 2.5D visuals, very fun vertical platforming, Addicting, Outstandingly paced adventure.

    Bad: Lacks variety in environments and enemies, has and end

    Sudden Score: 95

  • May 15 2010, Ballad of Gay Tony

    Good: Incredibly detailed fully realized world, fantastic digital acting, great shooting, skydiving is very cool and visually impressive, more extreme and over the top than GTA 4

    Bad: Story and characters less gripping and interesting than GTA4, Dance club aesthetic not for me, missions getting a little stale, characters take a long time to be fleshed out, early missions and story not enthralling

  • May 19 2010

    Good: Intense action, great weapons, old school monster shooter at heart, cool varied enemies

    Bad: Story jumps around is very predictable not engaging, very difficult in later half, tons of cheep deaths,

    Sudden Score: 84

  • May 23 2010, June 17 2010 Hard Mode

    Good: Great psychological narrative, cool cinematic combat, masterful writing, insane lighting effects, engaging ans though provoking story

    Bad: Out of place driving,

    Sudden Score: 94

  • June 5 2010 100%

    Good: Insanely detailed world, spectacular wilderness, great emotional story, twist ending, an incredibly authentic experience, magnificent end game

    Bad: Combat a bit clumsy, some missions drag.

    Sudden Score: 94

  • June 11 2010 71 stars

    Good: Perfect control, great vivid visuals, insane gravityb defiying levels, great bosses

    Bad: No story, feels like an expansion

    Sudden score: 91

  • June 14 2010

    Good: Great slow motion effects, solid satisfying gun play, good AI

    Bad: Slow story, bad cliffhanger ending, lackluster environments

    Sudden Score: 82

  • July 9 2010

    Good: Great Gothic comic art style, classic Zelda game play, bloody good combat, very cool demonic heavenly story and lore.

    Bad: Not very original, over world is confusing map is useless.

    Sudden Score: 89

  • July 20 2010

    Good: Authenticate bloody combat, great realistic tactics and strategies, nice atmosphere and effects, dark violent gritty world war 2 strategy shooter

    Bad: Story tries to had to me emotionally powerful, digital acting is poor, character models are antiquated looking

    Sudden Score: 84

  • July 21 2010

    Good: Beautifully gray-scale silhouette visuals, insanely cleaver and intuitive puzzles, dark brooding mesmerizing atmosphere, gorgeous background noise and environments, subtle quiet haunting game.

    Bad: It does not last forever, I had to put it down.

    Sudden Score: 96

  • July 27 2010

    Good: Fun mostly fluid swinging grappling game-play, Interesting combat combinations grappling hook and weapons, good vertical movement, impressively detailed destroyed city environments.

    Bad: Frustrating enemies, boring weak story, annoying "radiation" invisible walls, overly muscular brutish main character, bad voice acting and acting,

    Sudden Score: 75

  • July 30 2010

    Good: Hilarious absurd puzzles and writing, great voice acting and beautifully re-imagined visuals, classic adventure gameplay.

    Bad: Some puzzles go beyond the absurd into the realm of unknowable.

    Sudden Score: 90

  • July 31 2010

    Good: Classic RTS gameplay refined and polished, great epic scifi story and characters, bright vivid highly detailed visuals, incredibly addicting, a powerhouse of gameplay and presentation.

    Bad: Story is only part one, I miss the zerg and protoss campaigns, the long wait for part two.

    Sudden Score: 94

  • Aug 04 2010

    Good: very cool projected presentation, good cover based action, hardcore stealth, incredible coop campaign, great multi player and addictive denied ops mode.

    Bad: boring bland Tom Clancy drool, more action driven the stealth driven, aging character models.

    Sudden Score: 90

  • Aug 16 2010

    Good: Great capturing of halo feel and lore, nicely detailed unites and colorful combat.

    Bad: Poor acting and story, wonky and unresponsive controls, occasionally frustrating missions mostly due to rough control.

    Sudden Score: 70

  • Aug 26 2010

    Good: Bloody brutal combat, great dark scifi story and characters, dark athena is great addition, wonderful use of darkness and stealth

    Bad: Butchers bay showing its age, some times frustrating, stealth occasionally goes out the windows

    Sudden Score: 84

  • Sep 01 2010

    Good: Great late game platforming and overly elaborate puzzles, nice water effects and underwater areas.

    Bad: Bland forgettable story, auto pilot combat, clunky controls, occasionally horrible camera, the sinking familiar feeling.

    Sudden Score: 60

  • Sep 06 2010

    Good: Revolutionary sandbox gameplay, great spic scifi story, fast fun and nearly perfect gunplay.

    Bad: reused levels

    Sudden Score: 98

  • Sep 12 2010

    Good: Insanely fun sandbox fighting, great scifi, risky decision with player character

    Bad: some rough repetitive level design

    Sudden Score: 96

  • Sep 14 2010

    Good: Pitch perfect level design and pacing, explosive physics based combat playground, great ending to epic story.

    Bad: Flood pure forms

    Sudden Score: 98

  • Oct 1 2010

    Good: colorful varied alien and weapon design, great powerful sound, perfect back and forth exile rating gun play and battles, insanly hard core AI, tons of repeatability, darker more emotional look at the covenant war, cool ending

    Bad: None

    Sudden Score: 98

  • Sep 12 2010

    Good: somehow captures the feel and sound of a 2d metroid, challenging oldschool bosses, very original shifting perspective, a totally new look at samus and her world.

    Bad: frustrating controls at times, weird anime story,

    Sudden score: 85

  • Nov 11 2010

    Sudden score: 94

  • Nov 14 2010

    Sudden Score: 93

  • Nov 20 2010

    Sudden Score: 70

  • dec 29