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Favorite playable video game characters

This is a totally random list of characters I enjoy playing as the most. The first 10 entries are kinda ranked, the rest are my honorable mentions or the part of the list that'll be expanded over time or something like that.

List items

  • TNO is at the top of my list because he simply is THE most relatable, sympathetic and quite frankly best character to ever grace video games. A disoriented, tormented guy searching for meaning, identity and the answer to the eternal question "What can change the nature of a man?" of course - just like me.

  • Just all around brilliant design: a skinny, bald, suit-wearing, emotionless killer with a bar code in the back of his neck. I can't put my finger on what makes that work for me, it just does.

    "Names are for friends so I don't need one!"

  • Well, she's the pimp of the "Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts" and basically you don't need to know more than that. Oh and she's also a fallen succubus who has forsaken her men-murdering ways to become a healer and cleric.

  • His sub-plot involving the critical study of his religious dogma and his growing scepticism towards his holy text is the best quest I ever experienced in any RPG. The mix of gameplay and philosophical dialoge during the interaction between the Nameless One and him is just frighteningly close to perfection.

  • This lady definitely wipes the floor with most action heroes. She's intelligent as well as tough and spouts one-liners like no one else. The best thing about her: she references a lot of really cliched concepts without ever actually succumbing to a "babe" or "rambo" stereotype.

  • Similar to the hero of the "Gothic" games he is an excellent example of how to do single character and singleplayer RPGs right without giving you any choice about the character you play. His character is a very enjoyable mix of comedy/ parody, seriousness and coolness. Actually not unlike Miss Croft.

  • I'm talking about the hero unit of the Eldar faction more than I do about this exact character from the singleplayer campaign of the first game. It's rare for RTS units to leave a strong impression as far as characterization goes. But "Dawn of War" does this incredibly well with a lot of its unit responses, animations etc. The Farseer hero unit remains one of the most important reasons for my affection towards playing Eldar.

    "Shall I divine your next move?"

  • Consistently throughout both "KotoR" games this guy provides endless comic relief and therefore rarely leaves my party. If you messed around with that pacifism chip in the second game and the dialoge that comes with that quest you know exactly what I mean just from that little snippet of him!

    "Shall we find something to kill to cheer ourselves up?"

  • I always loved the fact that classes like cleric don't mean its followers are the good gyus or anything. You can have strong religious convictions and be a total asshole regardless. She is my ideal, dream example for what an evil cleric is supposed to be like. Particularly cool moments are her "about-to-be-burned-at-the-stake"-scene and the drop of group reputation just for letting her join the party.

    "Surface dwellers - how I despise them all!"

  • Probably the closest character to an actual role-model for me - next to TNO of course, remember? ;) She's a smart journalist taking it up against a corrupt and totalitarian government. She's cool and tough but also sensitive and generally very relatable.

  • I like the Nameless Hero from the "Gothic" franchise mostly because of his cynicism and snarky comments. Unfortunately I have no idea if the English localization is any good since I only know the original release. The recent "Risen" protagonist is even funnier at times.

  • That should read Minsc & Boo of course. Can't deny the miniature Giant Space Hamster!

  • I'm talking about the Diablo II character specifically.