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TL;DL Two-for-tuesday (podcast episodes 28 and 29)

Hey kids, how is it going? Did you miss the last episode of TL;DL? Of course you did because I didn't put it up last week. What can I say, life gets in the way and then you have no enthusiasm for the hobbies that you do for fun (albeit experience.) But my treat to you is that I'm uploading both Episode 28 AND 29. It's a TWOFOR, Download one, Download the Other, OR BOTH?

Lemmie break it down for you.

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It's a Bon, Ossi and Dolph cast. Which is also basically a slow news day, or as I like to call it, Not much worth mentioning day. But the show must go on, and if it's a chill day then it's still a fun time.

  • We talk a bit about School and Career. Writing, Game making and TV Show Development.
  • Bon talks about being another podcast where he discussed his hometown and Marvel Universe ROLEPLAYING CHATROOMS.
  • Dolph went to Drama Class for the LAYDEEEES (Bon's Note: perfectly acceptable)
  • Bon explains the difference between acting school and Acting Seminars.
  • Ossi warns about Game Design Courses.
  • GAMETALK like: Stylesavy-Fashionista-Barista
  • Confusing Ossi with Greg Kasavin
  • Psycon Dongle Joke (it was relevant at the time)
  • Hygiene Rituals, Hair, and weather
  • Threatening to kill a Groundhog
  • Kill the sun
  • complaining in relation to the internet.
  • Ossi levels up
  • What's the use of Capture stations in this day and age.
  • Lengthy Afrika talk
  • Then we basically close it off with One Piece chatter, Cosplay porn and Transistor.


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This one is a Bon Ossi and Apathylad cast, brought to you by Sonic Dash on iOS. Suddenly it feels like there's conversations worth having. Apathy was at Wondercon, Bon still has his show, and Ossi still has school, but let's get into what's cool!

  • Bon get's straight into Apathy's Wonderful Wondercon trip and we totally name drop someone while doing so. Games, panels, and the pronunciation of Xillia.
  • Apathy played year walk
  • another Update from Bon's Panel show, Vancouver kids take note.
  • Luigi's Mansion 2, and a Deep conversation about Luigi and the Mario Universe as a whole.
  • Professor Layton and the Canonical Query.
  • Playing as Ganondorf in a Zelda game. That would be pretty badass right? What kind of game would that be like?
  • Lego City undercover is tops.
  • Touching up a little bit on Bioshock games.
  • Sonic Dash, Sonic Dash, Sonic Dash.
  • Ossi has been playing Final Fantasy VI you guys, YOU GUIZE! (finally)
  • Fire Emblem, is it still sold out in places? Who beat it? Bon hasn't, he played it too much to burn himself out.
  • Justifying DLC purchases.
  • Videogame storytelling theory: old days versus the now.
  • Let's open a school that teaches people how to think again.
  • People stepping down from companies.
  • Iwata and Nintendo are Maxin' and Relaxin' and why they're still a pretty great company.
  • David Hayter isn't the voice of Snake anymore. Yay? Nay? Meh. (Though, Hayter himself recently addressed it, and if it's something you're genuinely mad about, you'll have to move on.)
  • Old Voice actors reprising their old roles.

Download Episode 29 RIGHT HERE.

Thanks again, as always, for listening to the cast. As usual, you can also find us in the iTUNES music store. If there's anything worth bringing up or asking, for shits and giggles. Feel free to make a comment, and we'll act accordingly, for shits and giggles.

Bonjamin Laptor.

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