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My Favorite Game Characters

I'll try to keep these in order 1-10... 1 being my favorite.

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  • Funny, awesome and unique... a true standout.

  • Castlevania 2: Simons Quest is to this day one of my all time favorite games. Simon is the whip wielding man....

  • So many great times getting to be the little (and sometimes older) Link. Special bonus for the hookshot... bloody genius.

  • The coolest old man spy around... Honorable mention to Lambert.

  • Scary cool... Scary tough... Scary Sith.... Pure Awesome.

  • I just can't get his voice out of my head.... He IS the show in Bioshock... A desperate man with a vision. How can you not like that?

  • The driving force behind the greatest game ever made... She carries the story with such ease. You love her, you envy her, you're totally intrigued with her and you choose her destiny... One of a kind.

  • The one "bad guy" that you genuinely like. A tragic figure in a wonderful narrative. Saren begs you to feel the range of emotion from fright to hate to sympathy... There may not be a finer character in all of gaming.

  • The hero's hero. Shepard is the guy with the huge balls that goes were he goes because he says so. Leads a huge diverse crew, saves the universe (we think) and bangs the hotties on board... +10 because one of the hotties is an alien... awesome.

  • Number 1 with a bullet... The game character of all game characters... the badass 400 pound gorilla in the room, Darth Revan. The most complex and intriguing character ever conceived set in the most amazing universe ever conceived, set in the most amazing game I've ever played (Knights of the Old Republic)... To go in to detail of his character is an injustice, go play the game...