2019 Games I never got around to

This is just a short list of games that I've heard talk about and either own or been meaning to buy, but just haven't played for some reason.

List items

  • Technically I played about 3 hours of this game. It was the game that made me discover my computers PSU was dying. Unfortunately that caused all my saves to get corrupted. I bought a new PSU that works great! I haven't booted this game since. It's just kinda hard to find the motivation. I'll probably just wait for the DLC.

  • I really love the Longest Journey series and this is from the same devs. I bought it when it was released, it's only 3 hours long, I have the week off, but... I have like 40 hours of podcasts to listen to.

  • I'm glad this game supposedly turned out well. I can't wait to play it. Which I can do at any point since I bought it when it was on sale back in November.

  • I watched some streams of this game and it seems right up my alley. My switch does make a good venue to play Final Fantasy 8 though...

  • So this is the big one it seems. Everyone is raving about how great of an experience is it. I almost bought it but was literally too lazy to open up EGS to do it. Instead I bought a bunch of probably lackluster metroidvanias off steam because that's the person I am and I feel no shame for it.

  • This was one of those games that sounded like it would be perfect for me and my partner to play together. I don't know why I didn't pick it up.