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Best games of this generation. (360 only)

There are way too many games to list if you're going to try to list all the consoles and systems that were host to the thousands of great videogames, so I'm going to stick to just this generation and which games I think were the best and the greatest impact and really blew me away.


Honorable Mentions: Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil 5, Crackdown, The Force Unleashed.

List will be updated down the line.

List items

  • I've always loved FPS shooters and I was addicted to COD 2 and 3 beforehand and even though I prefer WW2 shooters over the modern setting, Infinity Ward really blew me away with this iteration that changed how we view FPS'.

  • The Gears of War franchise as a whole is probably one of this generations biggest achievements. It revolutionized third person gaming, brought competitive gaming up a notch, and showed the gaming community that PC isn't the only graphical powerhouse on the scene.

  • The Assassins Creed series in general has been one of my favourites of this generation but to be more specific, I was never more blown away by any iteration than by AC2. The setting, the characters, the gameplay, this game still stands out today and boasts one of the best stories I've ever played through not to mention the absolute best soundtrack in any game.

  • While Arkham Asylum was the game to start it all and it definitely earns a shout out, City was the game to that really shined and showed people that superhero games can be brilliant if done right. The story, near perfect gameplay, excellent graphics and Batman. What more could you ask for?

  • Mass Effect...words cannot describe my love for this game. Arguably the only RPG that I've ever truly enjoyed and easily my favourite franchise of this generation. Mass Effect boasts one of, if not the best universes/settings of any game thus far and has something for every type of gamer.

  • There aren't enough words to describe how important this franchise is to gamers alike. It was the pinnacle of FPS' on the consoles, it started and constantly revolutionized competitive gaming, and boasts some of the best gameplay seen on the consoles.

  • Battlefield never really became noticed to console gamers until Bad Company. After that, it just exploded. Besides Halo, the only competitor Call of Duty has had was Battlefield and personally, I've never experienced more invigorating sessions with any other game. Battlefield 3 boasts beautiful environments, excellent squad play, and some of the tightest controls to date.

  • Now I know this a movie game, but none other this have ever drawn me in so hard that I actually felt I was there with the characters. Expertly thought out gameplay mechanics, surprisingly good graphics, and superb voice acting helped land this game into on my favourites.

  • Oh man, that first scene when you see Rapture underwater, I was instantly hooked. With one of the best atmosphere's of all time, Bioshock drew in gamers like no other. The sense of mystery, the shivering thought of being all alone in a strange world, all these factors brought Bioshock to be a fan favourite.

  • While Rockstar is better known for their GTA series which I've always loved, I was never more blown away by a game such as this by the developer. With such a richly detailed world, an almost perfect cast of characters and one of the most innovative online services, Red Dead secures itself as not only the best Western, but the best Rockstar game.

  • Man oh man, was this game ever addicting. It was a time when gaming really needed that RPG hit and did Fable 2 ever deliver. A wonderfully colourful world, hilarious characters and gameplay that satisfied any level of gamer, Fable 2 was and is still my favourite period piece game.

  • EASILY the best military shooter of this generation. With excellently grafted gameplay border lining on surreal and easily the best "horde" mode to date, I've never sucked so much time into a game's multiplayer.

  • A game to put The Godfather to misery. Mafia 2 ranks itself EXTREMELY high simply because it boasts one of the best stories I've played through to date. The gameplay wasn't bad either but that wasn't what kept me coming back. The brilliant opening and seeing how the main character developed in a world that evolved without him was a sight to behold.