Most anticipated games of 2012.

2012 seems to be another giant year in video games. Here's a rundown for what I'm most excited for.

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  • Mother of God... That's all I have to say. With this final game in the trilogy taking place in one my favourite settings in history, I have never been more excited for an Assassins Creed game since AC 2.

  • Always pumped for a Halo game. Hopefully they start of the "new" series on a good note.

  • Absolutely loved the first game. The moody atmosphere, the characters, the excellent story. The demo solidified my hopes for this game.

  • Can never get enough of Ghost Recon. Can't wait to get back into multiplayer.

  • Never played Max Payne 1/2 but I trust in Rockstar to deliver an epic game.

  • Far Cry 2 blew my mind in the amount of exploration it offered and the beautiful, exotic scenery.

    Here's hoping for another epic adventure.

  • AVP was one of my favourite games of 2010 and I'm hoping that Gearbox follows up on their promises with this series.

  • The first Sniper Elite was one of the most addictive and challenging games I've played. Here's to some more epic skull-piercing bullet cams.

  • Not a huge fan of RPG's but the third person perspective and God of War/Fable gameplay makes me giddy just thinking about it.