My 2011 Top 10 games UPDATED

FInally had the chance to play the games I still needed to play. Here's the updated list.

List items

  • Out of all superheroes, maybe besides Superman, Batman has had the worst luck with videogames for years. With the success of Nolan's Batman films, Warner decided to brilliantly take the risk not to only make a game distant from the films but entrust it to an unknown developer. That developer is Rocksteady, possibly the most respected around. They did the impossible by crafting the closest thing to perfect with a little game called Arkham Asylum. After the release, no one expected the sequel to be better, how could it be?

    Arkham City is by far, my favourite game of this entire generation. Not only is it the most improved sequel, but it's a superhero game! Being the only game to actually make you feel like Batman in every sense of the word, and creating possibly the best adaptation of Gotham City to date, Arkham City is a brilliantly crafted piece of art.

  • Since that first Mad World trailer depicting Gears of War back in late 2005/early 2006, I was instantly hooked into the dark, gothic world of Gears of War. I have spent over 1000+ hours easily into Gears of War's multiplayer component. Not to say that the campaign isn't good, it's spectacular, but Gears of War revolutionized third person shooters and multiplayer at the same time.

    Gears 3 didn't disappoint by actual being the first threequel in years to actually end it's story and improve on almost every aspect. Dedicated servers eliminated lag, absolutely stunning graphics across the board, incredible character development and probably the smoothest, most streamlined gameplay of any game. Epic delivered a "bigger, better and more badass" sequel and one to be remembered for years to come.

  • Ah Saints Row. I will admit that I never finished the first two games entirely but in the brief time I played them, they were enjoyable but barely more than a rip-off of GTA. I was one of the few who at the moment saw the SR 3 trailer, I knew this would be one hell of a game and has fully distinguished itself from GTA. Out of this entire year, hell this entire generation, never has a game just been a... "game." It's pure, crude immature fun that videogames used to be and what people thrived for, and it's simple yet engaging story is a joy to play through.

  • The Battlefield series has always held a a high spot in my heat. Bad Company 1 and 2 being my favourite FPS's of all time alongside Halo and I had the highest hopes for this game. To my disappoint me though, the Beta was nothing for what I hoped for. The glitches, the broken spawns, unfinished graphics. I let go of Battlefield 3 in sadness and anger. Recently I had the opportunity to play the multiplayer again and to my surprise, it felt natural and a breath of fresh air. The king of competitive multiplayer was back. Now just to bump up the player count on consoles.

  • First and foremost, I despised Oblivion and Fallout 3. I thrived in the open world aspect and freedom of play but the combat deterred me in every way possible. Lo and behold, Skyrim stands to this day to be my favourite RPG of all time. Mind you I've only put in 10 hours or so but no game has a richer atmosphere nor addictiveness of Skyrim. Kudos to Bethesda.

  • I despise RPG's in every sense of the word. So to my surprise, War in the North got me hooked like no game before it. I absolutely love anything to do with the LOTR franchise so this became a personal favourite in no time.

  • Bringing back treasured childhood memories of playing the classics on SNES with my older brothers gave me great nostalgia and shivers. Mortal Kombat is once again the king of fighters.

  • Besides the fact that this game only became noticed due to it being the carrier for the much anticipated Gears of War 3 beta, it still surprised me. Excellent controls, stunning graphics and hilarious dialogue kept me coming back.

  • Zombies. Open world. Freedom. Those are the words you've been wishing to hear since the dawn of gaming. Sure we had Dead Rising but it never truly gave you an open world or freedom true to the word. Dead Island was an absolute thrill with interesting gameplay mechanics and a beautiful world to gaze at.

  • Considering that I despised the gameplay and almost everything else about the original, this game was a delightful surprise for the beginning of 2011.