My Top 25 Most Anticipated Games of 2013 - Part 2 (20-16)

The next 5 in the list are below, but I'd also like to redirect you to a short list I made of the games I thought would come out in 2012, but unfortunately were stuck in development. This covers a few games that will be noticeably missing, such as Bioshock Infinite and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Also, I won't be posting this one to the General Discussion boards. I'm trying to finish all of these blogs within the next couple of days and I think that posting 5 blogs onto the boards in quick succession amounts to little more than a cry for attention. Maybe I'll post the 3rd one and skip the 4th. Or maybe I'll post only the 5th one. We'll see? *shrug*

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#20 - Dark Souls II

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Confession time! I’m not done Dark Souls. I mean, I’m not even close. I’m only a few hours in, but I played enough of it to “get it.” I see where the appeal lies, why so many people were enraptured by this brutally difficult and masochistic series. I’m honestly excited to play more of Dark Souls, and its spiritual prequel, when I get around to it.

Dark Souls II offers more of that, but with the opportunity to improve some of the rougher edges of the series. I’d be lying if I said that Dark Souls was a perfect game, as there were many aspects that rubbed me the wrong way. Another attempt with a nice coat of polish seems to be exactly what this series needs, even if the end product only amounts to being "just more Dark Souls".

#19 - Monster Hunter 4

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Much like Dark Souls, I haven’t played enough of this series as I should, but I’ve still invested well over 20-30 hours into Freedom Unite and Tri. Again, the appeal of the series has clicked for me. I know why I should be playing these games and I understand why so many others sing its praises. So I’m excited to jump into a new start for the series. With no multiple versions or expansions, everyone will be starting off on the same foot here and I’ll be there in the thick of it, finally being able to play the series both online and on-the-go.

#18 - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

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Again, a series I have not played enough of. I never had a Game Boy Colour back in the day and, since Shantae is quite rare now, my ability to go back and play that WayForward classic is unfortunately hindered. I have played quite a bit of its DSiWare sequel (Risky’s Revenge) though. It’s a great game to have on your DS whenever you boot it up, always available for you to hop in for some metroidvania goodness here and there. My relaxed pace through the game hasn’t lead me to completion yet, but it does have me very excited for the sequel.

#17 - The Cave

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With this (kinda) spiritual sequel to Maniac Mansion, except with more platforming and character focused storytelling, it’s looking like Ron Gilbert will finally be working on a title worthy of his history and legend. Not to say that Deathspank was utterly terrible, but it’s just that Monkey Island and those other LucasArts classics will always have a special place in heart. To see Ron working back in that realm again is reason enough for this game to be on my list.

Also, I have always had a soft spot for “Be careful what you wish for”, monkey paw-esque storylines and The Cave is promising three different ones each playthrough, along with some clever puzzles built around each character’s special abilities and the interaction between the three heroes (?) of your journey.

What is there not to like?

#16 - Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

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Couch Co-op is one of the greatest joys in gaming. You have some friends over, cook a nice meal, then all sit on a comfy couch, and proceed to start yelling, punching, screaming, and laughing at each other until the early morning. It’s something that I get to do less and less as I grow older, but it's always been the time I value most with games.

Unfortunately, games with good couch co-op have become few and far between since the glory days of N64 and Dreamcast, being replaced by online interaction. Online certainly has allowed genres like shooters and fighting games to flourish, but when you’re playing these types of games, these experiences meant to be shared by friends in the same room, online feels more like a compromise than an easier solution. Monaco, thankfully, has the best of both worlds, but coordinating, infiltrating, and escaping with the loot with the three friends beside me is what has me eagerly awaiting this game's release.

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