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10 Favorite Video Game Things of 2015

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  • I made it to mission...40 something. Never fully completed it, but made sure I saw all the story bits.

    The gameplay of Phantom Pain is incredible. Even with the not-so-great changes that have been implemented since launch, the base loop of the game remains as easily my favorite game of the year.

  • I haven't had this much fun in a multiplayer sports game since...ever?

  • I was expecting the Bethesda formula of exploration and discovery that has me coming back to their games over and over again, what I wasn't expecting is surprisingly tight gun play, more dynamic systems that work better and are more meaningful than I was expecting, and just some really smart gameplay decisions. Is it perfect? Fuck no, but it's still quite a revelation. The sheer amount of stuff in this game is staggering, and on a technical level (yes, even with some of the performance issues) is completely mind blowing. I still don't understand how they built so many systems that they've made for this game that nearly everyone else takes for granted.

  • You know how The Walking Dead won a bunch of awards for being well written? Well this actually blew it out of the water. This has no reason to be this good, and it completely is.

  • I have not played very much of this compared to most other games on this list. That said, what little I have was very good. The combat is punishing, but not unfair. The story is interesting and not overbearing. It's a game I do want to go back to and just bathe myself in.

  • It's the best Monster Hunter to date. The verticality is really interesting, mounting is incredibly important, and having the base story actually involve traveling around to these different locations makes for a much more progressive campaign than previous titles. Worth a look if you like the idea of a methodical action game.

  • I played a bit of Super Mario 3 and 1 growing up, but never really enough to feel nostalgic about it. That said, this has shown that the mechanics are, in many ways, timeless, and that playing with those concepts are really engrossing. I'm more of the Jeff camp of trying to make Mario-ass Mario levels, but the hard part is trying to do that while still keeping with the original design in a way that a player can find fun. I love it.

  • That patch on Steam fixed so many things, and actually has let me play this damned game. It's fantastic so far, but I do need to get further in.

  • I did say "Game Things" so engines count.

    I've been working with game engines for some years, trying to get something playable and in peoples hands. I had worked with a small local group since 2009 and, in 2014, I had to cut ties as projects just were not making it out. Around this same time lots of personal turmoil led me to me being freshly single, and needing to go through some major self discovery. I stopped all hopes and dreams of getting into games, making anything worthwhile, and focused on myself. Nearly an exact year from those events I had all the time in the world and found GameMaker. Its very simple scripting language meant I could build prototypes within days, and led to a rediscovery of my own passion of making games. Had it not been for this engine, I doubt I would have landed on my feet as I have and dove back into this amazing world that is game dev.

  • The momentum I gained from Game maker, I brought with me into Unreal Engine 4. Lots of my prior experience with engines are nearly all from the UDK and Unreal Engine 3. Comparing these two technologies, however, is like night and day. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to work in a 3D engine go see what Unreal has to offer.


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