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E3 2016 Most Anticipated

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  • Speaking as someone who has spent around 380 hours in The Witcher 3, seeing how closely this new Zelda resembles it makes me really excited to play this.

  • Might be Game of the Show for me. I can't wait for a dystopian society game that doesn't have Bioshock in it's title.

  • What a horrible trailer to show, but the game itself looks awesome. I can't wait to mutiny against my friends when they're the captain.

  • This game just looks so unique, and it seems to have a lot of RPG-esque elements. Way more excited about this than I was last year.

  • Talk about mobility. That trailer at the EA press conference was all kinds of fluid.

  • RE's take on PT? Looks promising. Konami has themselves to blame if it takes off.

  • Honestly, the trailer didn't do much for me but I've been missing my favorite sci-fi series for years now. Just knowing that it's fairly close to being released makes 13-year old me squeal inside.

  • It looks like an on-rail rhythm/shooter game. Will be interested to see it on a PC.

  • Always had an affinity for South Park and I loved the Stick of Truth. Hopefully it can be just as funny and shocking.

  • I really don't care too much about Pokemon as an IP in today's day and age, but I still always go for the new generation games to see the various Pokemon sprites and evolutions.

  • Looked incredibly gorgeous. Can't wait to explore this world.

  • Maybe finally getting a true Banjo-Kazooie sequel? I hope so.