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The Nintendo conference was underwhelming for me.

To each of their own, but for me nintendo is just boring. The last console I had from them is the gamecube, but even still it didn't hold my interests for long. Now fast forward to the switch and still nothing. Alot of there games are more for a kid audience. The console itself on a technical level can't compare to current gen, and now they're charging for online services.

Why do I want to pay for online services when other consoles offers more. I know there's people hyped up for this and that's fine, but I was expecting abit more considering the Wii U didn't do well. The games line up is pretty much what u expect, mario, zelda etc...Then this weird ass game called Arms (don't get me started on that shit). The whole motion control gimmick really ran its course. I don't see alot of people playing like that for long.

I also don't see too many people playing on it in the public. Hell the battery probably want last for long, and you'll probably set yourself up to get robbed.


Well I traded in my ps4 for an Xbox one today.

Well after being screwed out of a online pre-order from Sony. I finally decided I've had enough of the ps4. It was my second one, and now I'm moving on to the Xbox one. I've got Destiny for free so I'll be playing that for awhile. I do look forward to playing Dead Rising 3 and killer instinct. Right now I'm checking the console out, and getting use to the whole user interface. So far the interface does look more lively compared to the ps4, but the ps4 was more simple and straight forward. Then again that will change once I get used to the console.


I don't know what to think about this chick at my job.

(I've talked about this on the site before. That I think there's this girl that might have a crush on me, Just to give people insight of what lead up to this. Here's the thread. I'm going to try to get to the point in this blog)

Yesterday, I met up with this girl that I think likes me or maybe she's nice. I was in the breakroom playing on my vita. She came in getting prepared for work and we waved at each other. Later on that day I've seen her again, and asked how her day was going. She was pissed-off at the store director. Basically she was wearing some type of emblem on her shirt, and the store director had a problem with it.

I told her I've had my issues with him aswell in the past. Then when it was time for her to get back to work. She asked ''want to walk with me?'', and I said ''sure its a slow day anyway''. So then we was just talking about random stuff. She mentioned that she has an older sister to pick up later on, and I asked ''how old was your sister''. She said ''she is 20'' then I asked about her age and she said ''I'm 18''.

Funny thing is I had a conversation with a co-worker that told me she was 17. Anyway moving on, she asked about my age I said ''I'm 21 going on 22''. She asked '' what month?'' I said ''September'', and then she asked ''what day?'' I said '' uhhh the 18th''. She smiled and said ''maybe I'll have to get you something'', and I'm like ''nah you don't have to do that'' (I hope she doesn't). So we got back to her work area and had one last brief chat, after that we went back to doing our jobs.

Later on, While I was working in the aisle I heard a lady say ''Sir can you help me with something''. I said sure m'am I turned around and long behold it was her. I was caught off guard and started laughing. Next thing we ending up chatting about stuff going on in our lives, and talked about our hobbies. Hell, we went walking around the store and I was completely ignoring my job, but at that moment I didn't care.

It was fun until she got a phone call and had to go, but one thing was on my mind. She mentioned that she walks to work while we was chatting, but earlier she said she had to pick up her sister. I thought that was weird because I'm assuming she has a car. I don't know if she's lying or not, but I just hope she's 18.


So I went to a strip club for the first time in Las Vegas.

(This blog will be long)

I just got home after spending two days in Las Vegas and I'm glad to be back. I was there with my brother and parents. We stayed at this hotel called ''The D''. It had its own casino, restaurants, stores, and outside of ''The D'' there were a shit ton of other places to visit. Now me personally I don't really care for gambling. I'd played afew slot machines and kept losing.

I got annoyed and walked outside of The D to checkout other places. I kept walking around until I noticed a strip club called '' The Glitter Gluch''. Since I've never been to a strip club I said fuck it and walked in. I went in and there wasn't too many girls around. It was during the day so I wasn't surprised.

Here's a quick vid of the outside.

There were a group of guys and couples in the club aswell. I was there sitting in close by the strip poles. I had to buy a beer since I was watching. For 15 dollars I bought two Heineken Beers and watched the strippers dance. One lady on the pole asked me where I was from, and I ended up mumbling and saying shit that wasn't making any sense. She had a confused look on her face and walked away.

Another stripper that was sitting at the bar behind asked me. If I wanted to have some fun with her in the backroom. She was talking all dirty to get to go in that backroom. I knew she wanted me to pay for a lapdance, and I knew it was going to be expensive and I said nah I'm cool.

Not too long after an older stripper grabs me by my hand, and brings me to the backroom. She told me to sit down, spread my legs apart and have my hands planted on the seat. She sat on me started grinding,rubbing my shoulders, and of course dirty talk. I straight up asked her how much this was going to be. She said for an hour 600 dollars. I told her I ain't got nowhere near that kind of money on me right now, so then she brought the price down to 150 for 15 mins.

I knew I was being ripped-off, but at that point I didn't care so I went for it. She also warned me if I touch her I'll get thrown out the club. Anyway, she gave me a lapdace I enjoyed it for most part and walked away. When I left the room the girl who offered me a lapdance earlier. Asked if I wanted to go for another round and I said no. Now I was going to stay and watch the girls strip some more, but my mom called and was all worried about where I went too. Even though I wasn't ready I left and ended up drinking beers with my dad.

I got drunk (First time for me aswell) and told him what happen. He basically said I got ripped-off, and I told him I knew, but I didn't care. Overall the strip club it was alright. There was times I was into it, but at the sametime there was times I wasn't into it.


Taking my fitness training to the next level.

So I got fed up at the gym by my apartment. Lately, more and more people are starting to show up. I wouldn't have a problem with it, but since the gym is very small. It fucks up my routine since someone else is using the machine I was going to use, and the weights at my gym aren't heavy enough to really test me. Anyway, today I joined LA:Fitness and I'm ready for a new challenge.

I've had a chance to talk to a personal trainer. I told him I was trying to get lean and ripped, and so he gave me a plan to follow which is this...

Monday: Legs and Abs


2.Leg Extensions

3.Leg Press

4. Hamstring Curls

5.Seated Calf Raises

6. Standing Calf Raises.

7. 30 min Cardio afterwards


1. Chest Press

2.Incline Press



5. Overhead press.

6. upright rows.

7.Bar Shrugs

8. Rope Press Down.

9. Overhead dumbell extensions.

10. 30 min Cardio afterward.

Friday: Back, Biceps

1. Dead Lift

2. Dumbell Curls

3. Machine high row

4. Lat Pulldowns

5. Barbell Curls.

6. 30 min cardio afterwards.

(4 sets and 8 to 12 reps for all)

As for the odd days he said do an hour worth of Cardio. For nutrition he basically said eat lean meats, vegetables, avoid process sugar and bread. Now I'm all good and ready to take my training to the next level. I'm going to look at some youtube vids to get an idea of doing some of these exercises. Then I'm going early in the mourning and put in that work. Its going to be a bitch going to my job afterwards, but no pain no gain.


Farewell ps4 and a welcome to Xbox One.

After my ps4 broke I tried to renew it with Sony. They sent me a box and a paper to fill out information on. I looked at the paper and I noticed I must have the original receipt. Problem is that receipt I had was long gone and I can't return it. Tomorrow I'm jumping ship to the Xbox One, and my ps4 will be put to rest for good.

I only had it for six months and it's all over now. I'm alittle bitter about it, but its all good. I'll probably get a new ps4 once it drops down in price. As of now I got no desire to play it right now. I've lost all my game data so fuck it. I'm probably going to go get the Titanfall bundle and watchdogs afterwards. Its time to see whats that xbone life is about now.


I got annoyed at my job today.

(Long story short)

So I work at Meijer and I usually mind my own business. I don't bother nobody and I focus on my work, but today rumors started spreading about me. I got pulled over to the side by my supervisor, and he wanted to ask me a personal question. He asked if I had autism and I'm thinking like wtf? I told him no and he said that's cool I was just wondering, he goes on saying I'm a good employee and I learn quick.

At first I was going to let it go, but the more I thought about It something just didn't feel right. I went ahead and asked some co-workers if I seem autistic to them. They said no, but said someone was going around saying I told him that I had autism. I asked what's this person's name, but they didn't know. I asked other co-workers that was aware of the rumor too and they didn't know either. Then I asked my supervisor if he knew who this person was, but he also didn't know.

So now I'm thinking why? Yes I'm usually quiet at my job, but it's because of shit like this I want to avoid. I don't let stupid shit get to me, but I just want to know this guy's name.


You ever find yourself trying to stay positive, but just can't?

I feel like I'm just losing my motivation. Even though I usually try to keep an upbeat attitude. I can't seem to really fix some issues going on in my life. At the sametime I don't really know what to do with my life. I remember way back when I was younger I had thoughts about going to college and becoming a firefighter or video game designer, but after some events that took place when I was a teen I fucked that chance up.

Ever since that stupid choice I made I've felt miserably. Nowadays, its gotten worse and worse to the point its effecting me. I've been slacking off with my workouts and gained some weight back, can't seem to stay focus on my job, and I don't seem to be good at expressing myself. Some people at my job thinks I'm too quiet and that I seem angry and not happy. Though I do try to lighten up I don't even know what to say alot of the times.

On top of that I had some friends that almost got me killed in the past, and friends that did some fucked up things to me. It can be hard for me to really trust people or want to get to know them. Anyway, I guess when I was hearing about how some of my co-workers was in college. I started wondering to myself ''If only I've made the rights choices when I was younger, I would have been in college by now working towards a career''


So I'm debating whether I should hire a personal trainer.

I feel like I've reached a weight plateau. Even though I went from 330 to like 200 pounds by myself. I can't really seem to break away my 200 pound mark. I've been at it for like two months now. My weight will go up and go back down. Then again it could be me just building muscle. I exercise everyday, then walk 3 miles to go to work, then at work I lift alot of stuff. As for eating I don't really eat too much. Now and then I might eat some unhealthy foods, but only because I'll be dead tired and just want to relax myself.

Anyway, I walked to a gym that's around my area called LA:Fitness. Its a nice size gym with alot of equipment and a pool. I talked to two guys that work at the place. They basically told me about the 99.00 start price to join and the personal trainers. One of the guys is a fitness instructor and asked me what I'm trying to accomplish. I told him that I'm trying to get lean, ripped and tone for this year. Then after that I want to focus on building muscle.

So he told me that he has a trainer that will help me reach that goal. He will give me more knowledge about nutrition and different workout methods. He also told me that he was a retired army vet, and since I told him I had study martial arts in the past he thinks this instructor will benefit me. So now I'm here thinking if I should go through with it or not. When it comes to working out I usually got it done by myself without anyone's help.

I'm thinking should I just keep doing what I've always done, or drop some money and have someone to help me.


So I'm kinda nervous about my new job.

So today I got hired in by the store company meijer. After I had 3 interviews and a background check done on me last week. They basically asked me questions and gave me the rundown on what to expect. Like dealing with customers in a friendly manner, what they expect from me on the job, dealing with racism from time to time (Since I'm African-American), avoid altercations even if I'm being attacked, and be a team player with the co-workers. This mourning I had to do orientation and setup my work schedule.

It went on for about 4 hours, and the guy talking to us gave more info about meijer. Stuff about how the store was founded and other things. When he was talking I just started getting nervous. Thinking about is this job going to workout for me, and will I be able to fix a mistake I did in the past. My mind just started getting clouded and my heart was racing, but then I thought I just got to go for it and see what happens. Anyway I got my I.D and work shirt, tomorrow I have to start training for my job position. Even though I'm still feeling kinda nervous.

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