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Last Half of 2010 in Games . . . Here's What Gives Me A Chubby

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  • OMFG!!! Fallout 3 and the subsequent DLC took 168 hours of my life away. Some people are kind of annoyed that F:NV looks and feels like more of F3, but honestly, that's exactly what I want.

  • While the perspective of having to dish out an extra $150 for a real guitar controller seems disheartening at first, the Rock Band series is the pinnacle of music video games; and hey, it beats having to play a Guitar Hero game that has been the same for the last three years.

  • Fable II was the game that released me from CoD fanboyism and led me to games that were actually good. I played through F2 twice, and I'm excited to see what Peter Molyneux (and his balls) have in store for us this time.

  • FIFA 09 and FIFA 10 are two of the best sports games of all time (and I'm not even that big of a soccer fan). There is absolutely no reason that FIFA 11 won't be as good or better.

  • Besides just being a huge college football fan, my friend Kody's "likeness" is in this game as the kicker for Eastern Michigan.

  • This game reeks of "unannounced delay", but when it comes it should be great. Rockstar has dominated the open world market with the modern-day GTA series and the western shooter Red Dead Redemption. Let's see how their venture into the 1940s fares.