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2020 is almost over and I think the only 2020 release I played was the C&C remaster.

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Games I totally cheated my way through.

A list of games I cheated my way through, often (but not necessarily)  because they were too hard or too unfunny otherwise.

List items

  • Not really too hard or boring without cheats, but IDKFA could take a session from being great to being awesome.

  • Kind of like Doom. Once you spawned the mounted helicopter gatling gun to bring with you through the levels, it just became a lot more hilarious.

  • Without the "Unlock all cities" cheat, this game got boring fast.

  • The true way to experience any SimCity game is to cheat yourself unlimited funds, build a huge city covering the entire map, and then wipe it out with space robots, hurricanes and volcanoes.

  • I don't remember exactly what I did, but I think I cheated to get all weapons, and then played through most of the game only using the grenade launcher.

  • Not a very hard game, so cheats weren't really needed, but unlocking the near indestructible cop cars and then just roaming around wiping away every living thing on the track was fun.

  • I have a vague memory of mapping a keyboard button to "Impulse 9" (giving you all weapons).

  • Like Quake, I think I mapped some button to "Give all".

  • The co-op mode in particular. It was fantastic, but ridiculously buggy, sometimes your entire inventory would get wiped, or players could get switched (or spawn in the geometry) between map loads. This resulted in me and my friends enabling cheats. And then noticing all the ridiculous things you could spawn with them. We constructed barriers and towers with coffee cups, and spawned hordes of the almost impossible end boss.

  • Not quite cheating, but certainly exploiting the AI - the first thing I did in most missions was to build walls of sandbags at every choke point on the map, as tanks couldn't yet drive over them, and the enemy AI would never target it as any weapon could fire over them (something Westwood fixed in the spin-off Red Alert and the sequels). Sometimes I built sandbags all the way into the enemy base.

  • I don't even remember what it does, but I instinctively name my character Duke Nukem every time I play the game, and always did. I know it is a cheat code for something, but I really can't recall what.