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2020 is almost over and I think the only 2020 release I played was the C&C remaster.

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Games with incredibly disorienting motion blur

Since motion blur became popularized during the PlayStation 2 era, some games have gone way overboard with the effect, to the point that the games become hard to play. Here are some examples:

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  • PlayStation 2 version. When walking around the entire world becomes a blur, and you have to stand still for 2-3 seconds before the blurring subsides and you can actually perceive details around you.

  • Notoriously headache-inducing motion blur whenever you turn the camera.

  • I really like E.Y.E., but at launch, if you had motion blur enabled, the game would be blurry if you held down the shift (run) button, regardless of if your character was actually moving. I believe this was fixed with later patches however.