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2020 Top 5

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  • A game that inexplicably lived up to the insane levels of hype its announcement generated. I still can't believe they actually remade Final Fantasy VII into something this good. The combat systems, the story, the graphics, the music, it's all incredible. I can't wait to see how they handle the rest of the game.

  • Not only did Valve finally make another Half-Life game, they did it in VR. There are other VR games and experiences that do individual things better than Alyx but as a full on game, I can't see this being beaten anytime soon if ever. This is the best VR has to offer and it's a helluva ride.

  • Just a joyous short game that you can beat in a single sitting. Maybe a perfect game.

  • A fantastic action game with an interesting world, great characters, and a story that slowly pulls you in. It's also got some of the best pixel-art I've ever seen. Just an incredibly well put together game.

  • I considered listing Hades 5 times this year. These lists have always been unordered but this year, Hades is number 1 with a bullet. A fucking masterpiece.