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Rumble Roses XX is a bad, bad game. Bad as in Terrible

So I rented Rumble Roses XX from gamefly as I was oddly curious how the game played. The PS2 game was not totally terrible, but this was complete crap. Now I know this is probably an obvious choice for crap, but let me explain. The biggest problem with this game isn't that it's a giant excuse to see virtual boobies or that the games wrestling engine isn't really all that hot. No, the biggest problem here is that the unlocakables and achievements are completely nonsense.

The game has no story, or direction to speak of and also nothing to give you any sort of direction. No, in order to unlock all of the various characters, costumes, and other nonsense, you have to just randomly play the game and get things without knowing how you did it, or go to gamefaqs and read the unlock faq. Now when you look over the faq you notice most of hte unlocks involve beating a certain character a number of times, or beating a character when they have the title. The matching is random. So if you want to beat Dixie 10 times you have to just keep playing over, and over, and over, and wait till she shows up.

Needless to say, this takes FOREVER!

Anyhow, the game sucks so stay away from it. The boobs aren't even all that great to look at so I'll save you that trouble.