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I'm a big fan of the 8-4 Play podcast. Super happy to see this partnership! :)

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Top article, Alex. Appreciate the slightly more positive look at the PS Vita's launch. I'm a big fan of handheld gaming, and really keen to get my hands on this.

I still think that -- outside of the impressive launch line-up -- the killer application is going to be all the PS3 connectivity stuff, though.

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@UnrealDP said:


Theres also the draw that if you wanna buy used games then you would have to stick with Microsoft which could potentially be a sizeable increase in Microsofts consumers. Theres a small audience that mainly buys used games who would be forced into Microsofts hands.

It wouldn't though, because third-parties are incorporating the same system on XBOX 360. Remember, this initiative only effects Sony published games. If you want to play Sony published games, you need a Sony platform.
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@lovecat360 said:

I really hate this "double-dipping" that seems to be becoming standard in the industry just now. It's not as if pre-owned games are putting extra strain on servers or such cos if you bought the game used, then someone had to have traded it in first of all right? I don't see how publishers can take the moral high ground here. Just because someone buys a game pre-owned doesn't mean the publisher is losing out on a sale because more often than not, I refuse to pay full price for games so if I can pick up a second hand copy for £15 less then all the better and the publisher has already had the sale from when the game was bought originally. Although if you're only saving say, £2 or so and you still decide to buy pre-owned then you sir, are an idiot!

The argument would be that Publisher X makes a game with online services. User X buys the game new and plays it for a month non-stop. Publisher X receives the entirety of the finances from User X's purchase. Publisher X has to pay server maintenance costs to store User X's data (leaderboards) and also host User X's matches. User X then puts the game on the shelf and ignores it. User X is no longer playing the game, so Publisher X's server maintenance costs drop. User X then decides to sell the game to GameStop for $10. GameStop resells Users X's game to User Y for $25. GameStop makes $15 profit. User Y gets home and hops online to play User X's game. Publisher X's server maintenance costs suddenly surge again, as it pays to store User Y's data and also host User Y's matches. However, Publisher X has received no additional finances from User Y.
That's the argument a publisher would make. It's a weird situation because the publisher is doing cost analysis based on the principle that no one will play a game for ever. I can see the argument both ways.
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@xyzygy said:
Ironically, this works in MS's favor because it makes the 50$ you spend on Live more worth the money. The money you'll save buying used would probably add up to be more than 50$ a year anyway.
Surrre. I mean if you really want to convince yourself, sure. But I doubt you'd be buying Sony published games on your XBOX 360 in the first-place, so your point is completely moot.
It's only a matter of time before Microsoft implements this system anyway. Virtually all third-parties are doing it (on both platforms) anyway.
I tend to buy nearly all my games new, so it doesn't really bother me. As for people concerned with renting/borrowing, I'm sure there will be a trial period. A week seems reasonable enough.
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@Rattle618 said:
Awesome, I want to see Sony bankrupt over hackers, although this is probably nothing serious.
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@yakov456 said:
Sigh, some of you folks remind me of why I dont visit this site as often as I used to.
Pretty much. :(
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@Rirse said:
Cool news, but PS3 probably get hacked again by the time it's out.
What is this? The game doesn't have online multiplayer so it wouldn't matter either way, would it?
I'm not sure why you even had to bring that up in here.
Either way, Overkill rocks. I'll definitely be getting this.
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Deserves its own thread this one. Created by Steve_Big_Guns, who's made good levels in the past. But this is utterly unbelievable. Add it to your queue here.
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@benjaebe said:
Thanks for updating the article, Alex. A lot of places are really blowing this news out of proportion.
Just a little bit, huh? People think all their data has been compromised again. I'm not really sure what's more ridiculous: Sony for not catching such a silly exploit; the media for making it sound like "OH GOD THE WORLD IS ENDING AND THE PLAYSTATION NETWORK IS DEAD AGAIN"; or people buying into the FUD.