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The List

Of all time favourite games. Not ordered.

Do note that I didn't grow up with a console. The first console I bought was a PS One when the Playstation 2 was already. I grew up with a PC and games like Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Grand Prix and such. So that explains there isn't a single console exclusive game on this list.

List items

  • This unique combination of a god game, RTS and FPS still holds up really well. The dungeon building is fun to do, especially since all of the creatures have their own personality and needs and they also actively dislike certain other creatures. The famed Horned Reaper for example is a real grumpy fellow and I often end up locking him up with his own required rooms.

    Furthermore it's just a blast to hop into your creatures during combat and fuck shit up. The first person combat is not always responsive, but is good enough to do once in a while.

  • A game where I probably enjoyed the user created content more than the base game. I have spent countless of hours with total conversions like Day of Defeat, Natural Selection and the Specialists. That being said, the base game is also really, really good. It was one of the first shooters where the experience was close to a good movie. The train opening is an obvious good example of that.

    The base deathmatch multiplayer was limited, but still kinda good with goofy weapons which allowed for some interesting movement.

  • All bow down to your multiplayer FPS overlord. Yes, it's better than Unreal Tournament. The fluid movement and engine, the graphics (at the time), the soundtrack, the modding possibilities, the feel of the weapons. Everything just feels RIGHT and it still feels right.

  • This game makes me feel 10 again in a good way.

  • If I were a more objective man here, I would say that Starcraft (Brood War) should take this place. However, the fun factor takes over here and that's where Red Alert wins. The alternative past storyline with cheesy cutscenes (that intro! Although, it gets topped by the Red Alert 2 one) and funky units are still pure enjoyment.

  • The base game is kind of infuriating to play these days because of the lack of sprinting, but that atmospshere.... is still unmatched! Diablo 2 and 3 are almost cheerful and childish in comparison. It's also one of the first games I played a ton of online and it was a fascinating journey with plenty of cool interactions and amazement at the broken hacked stuff (that 255 charges Archangel's Staff of the Apocalypse!). For those experiences alone, Diablo will always have a special place in my hearth.

  • The first shooter a played a ton of online (through Microsoft's Gaming Zone no less!). The singleplayer has some awesome cartoon cutscences and a fantastic spaghetti western soundtrack, but it also plagued by some confusing and almost pixelhunting maze level design. The game also didn't look that fantastic at launch since it ran on the Dark Forces engine. But o boy, did they nail the spaghetti western theme and multiplayer! The multiplayer featured a varied selection of classes, all with different stats and starting weapons.

  • A guilty pleasure. The more recent Football Manager games are objectively better, but nothing beats the simplicity of this game in combination with the absoluty broken database which is littered with godlike players you can pick up for cheap.

    This spot is pretty much for the entire Championship and Football Manager lineup. A truly addicting and highly consistent franchise.

  • So I like shooters. Wolfenstein 3D was one of the first games I've ever played and 50% of this list are first person shooters. DOOM kinda feels like the game that makes the circle complete. It's a complete game that succesfully combines the old and new. The singleplayer allows for exploration and variation in combat while still being focused enough for a story and setpieces. The highly underrated multiplayer does the same with a classic arena shooter base but with a streamlined loadout system and bonkers demon runes. It even has an easy to use level editor so everyone can make their own adventures. Audiovisually this game is gorgeous and id Software is on top of their game again with support for new technology and good console optimization.

  • What if a small team from New Zealand made a Diablo game that's actually better than Diablo? Meet Path of Exile.