Ys Games Series I've Finished

The first time I saw this game was on Famicom, and I was a kid. I look to it as watching cartoon "anime"! the character with red hair stuck in my memory until recently the image of the game start hit! so I found it and start playing the series :)

2019 Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished Complete Campaign 2x*

2019 Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter Complete Campaign 1x

2019 Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Complete Campaign 1x*

2020 Ys: The Oath in Felghana Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Ys Origin Complete Campaign 1x*

2020 Ys Seven Complete Campaign 1x

Anime OVA related to the game:

Ys, 7 episodes watch it for 2 time

Ys: Tenkuu no Shinden - Adol Christine no Bouken, 4 episodes, watch it for 1 time

List items

  • Game-play style of first YSI & YSII, really amazing! hit enemy in the side that's not carrying a weapon, so not to receive damage. Original idea

    YS II: The Final Chapter. The boss is challenged, the game is easy and cool as before xD

  • Simple to ply, in the further chapter the game gets more hardcore. cool good game, and I in love with cute looking! big head with small body :)

  • They start from where they left us on Ark story, cool! and the game-play faster than a chapter before, which also good, and story strong, even without voice act! the YS is lovely as always x)

  • Same engine but! the art better and advance effect loved the new design! but ones more they did abandon to let armor shown when changing it!! The story! is hell strong, we talking about the beginning of the Ys story, GG

  • Like watching Japanese anime, but slower! "as I thought" :p

  • The game is easy it seems, and I kept killing a foe, but I never get out from first zone xD

  • I didn't like the new graphics of the new engine! the old is far better, but what done is done. Like always the story strong, the gameplay always brings something new, and I enjoyed the story. GG