The influences of David Cage's 'Beyond'

Beyond: Two Souls is the new ip from the Frenchy mind of David Cage, the big cheese at Quantic Dream.

The debut trailer at Sony's 2012 E3 Conference introduces us to Jodie Holmes (voiced by Ellen Page, Huzzah!) as she sits silently in a small town police station. A concerned cop has picked her up off the streets, and is concerned over who she is and where she has come from. After a series of unsuccessful questions, he notices a fresh scar on the back of her head. Mentioning that seems to set her off, and a cup of coffee flies from the desk and smashes into the wall, all creepy and magic-y like. The cop backs away and decides to do his police work at his desk. She finally whispers to herself, "I know, they're coming."

Immediately, a SWAT team bursts into the station and fans out across the room. Clearly looking for the disheveled girl, the commander of the team gestures for the cop to open the door of the office where she is located.... he does, slowly, and the screen cuts to black.

We then get treated to a series of actions sequences of Jodie being chased by the government goons in and on all sorts of modes of transportation. Motorcycles, helicopters, on top of a train. Then we see her fuck up the bad guys with her crazy powers... or maybe the powers of some other 'soul' - possibly named Iden.

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But lets ignore the deeper 'Beyond' part of the game and instead focus on the shallow end of the pool... the telepathic enhanced action sequences.

I saw a fairly strong resemblance to two of my favorite Stephen King books:

Firestarter and Carrie.



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In the book, the protagonist Charlie (a girl), can go figure, start fires. With her mind. Like a boss.

Her along with her father, Andy, are on the run from a government organization who hopes to lock them up, prob em, and assumingly figure out how they can have super powers. (In the novel, Andy got his powers by taking an LSD like substance during a experimental drug trial that gave him and his wife special abilities, but that doesn't matter to my point. Geez, get off my back.)

Charlie's run from the Suits seems very similar to the struggles of Beyond's Jodie Holmes, and like King's firestarter, Jodie looks like she can fuck shit up when backed into a corner.


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Carrie is an upset girl. She's made fun of constantly at school, her mom hates her, she's very insecure of her body, oh... and she can move shit with her mind. Dump some pig's blood on top of all that you get.... well... just look at that iconic/creepy ass picture.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but something tells me Carrie got just a little bit caught up in the moment. Who can blame her?

Again, the whole girl-with-powers-who-is-pushed-over-the-ledge elements seem to lend themselves well to Quantic Dreams' new ip.


So I know the whole angle Mr. Cage is going for is something far deeper than 'girl creates mind explosions after Fed chase", but I can't help but think he got some inspiration from these Stephen King classics.

Your thoughts?