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Games I have completed in 2015

Short reviews for each game I finish. This list will include back-catalog games.

List items

  • Good combat, good stealth, predictable story. Side quests beyond repetitive, tedious collectables were hardly more than cameos. Very heavy fan-service, but light on engaging content.

  • The story mode was well-done with few to no complaints from me. The complaints I do have are in regards to the simplistic, mashy fighting system. The combos/strings are too easy to min/max and the game becomes stale. Loved it once, but now I am over it.

  • This game was surprisingly fun. I didn't like how some environments started to repeat or how it ended, but then I unlocked endless mode. I am still unlocking new cards and stuff. Will go back and play more!

  • This is probably the worst Call of Duty tied with Ghosts. The campaign was very similar-feeling and the multiplayer is a complete mess. If your game already had problems with latency, it may not be a good idea to add in abilities that make you move very quickly across the screen.

  • This is the worst Dragon Age game yet. Instead of making an open world that players would want to explore, they filled their world with meaningless collectables. Great. The story and characters were okay, but the combat also took a really bad hit from DA2 to DA:I. Feels like MMO combat rather than a tactical RPG.

  • I really enjoyed how focused this game was. It didn't meander around with stupid side quests or collectables. As such, the story and characters didn't feel arbitrary or samey. Some of the choices were a bit rushed, but not to the point where it detracted too much from the game.

  • Overall I'd say this game is great! It definitely needs more variety in terms of playstyles, but the story, environments, and combat feels very tight and challenging. I'll probably run through it again. Well done!

  • This game was really cool. I think it drags along towards the end, but I really dig the take on Alice. I finished the first game last year and, while I do think it was better, this one is not bad at all.

  • This game definitely has charm, and that's a good thing because the combat and plot are nothing to write home about. This is a classic case of rent before you buy. I had some fun though.

  • I had a ton of fun with this game. The game is just lengthy enough to get your fill, and almost too long. Sniping guys in slow motion almost got boring, but it ended just in time. I was so surprised I liked it that I bought Sniper Elite 3. I won't be finishing that one and no longer own it.

  • I went back and beat this game out of pure nostalgia. I really enjoyed the fighting, but the story mode is pure busywork. I wish they'd bring back some of the fighting mechanics from this game.

  • I never got around to playing this so I thought I'd marathon through all of the games in the series. The cinematic moments were amazing and told the stories within the fights very well. The fighting system definitely got better with the later entries in the series though.

  • This game's story felt like N:UNS 1's story - too much busywork. The fighting system finally improved and it's a lot of fun.

  • This game nailed the fighting system almost 100%. If they spent more time giving each character the same tools, it would be amazing. The only problems were the imbalances and the frame rate.

  • I really really wanted to like this game. It was so boring that I almost fell asleep while playing it. The story would have been fine if they didn't move it along so damn slowly! UGH!

  • I have mixed feelings on this game. On one hand it looks beautiful and plays just fine, but on the other hand it gets tedious and is frustrating because the gameplay is so static. The combat doesn't play as good as batman, but is better than Assassin's Creed. Added points for having a neat multiplayer mode.

  • I finally finished this! Thank god, because I wanted to be done so much sooner. The story wasn't great, and the combat was very buggy (as was the rest of the game). Do not buy or play.

  • I beat this for the second time. Still fairly good. Story is more impactful if you don't do a million sidequests in between story missions. Ending still leaves much to be desired.

  • I eventually got around to finishing this. I will say that with the SC:Conviction formula, it seems they did the best they could to make a proper splinter cell game. I miss Ironside and the humor that Splinter Cell used to have, and I don't remember the stories being as cliché as this one. Played OK (not as good as chaos theory) but the story played out like your average USA spy tv show.

  • This game wasn't very long and I didn't pay anything for it, but I beat it 100% and got all the achievements. I'd say that counts.

  • This game... was kind of a letdown. I actually started playing this game as my entry to the series. I almost didn't play any other games in the series. I'm glad I did and less glad I played this one. It isn't horrible, but it's not very fun either. Everything was fairly forgettable.

  • I played through these two games back to back and I gotta say, chains of olympus is excellent! It had a really cool story, some great combat (unlike ascension), and was super satisfying. Ghost of sparta is less memorable, but still not as forgettable as ascension.

  • I replayed God of War and finally beat God of war 2 for the first time. God of War is still extremely fun and holds up in almost every aspect. God of war 2 was not as great, but still pretty good. That ending though.

  • I finally got to this game and I must say, I appreciated the journey to getting to God of War 3 than actually playing God of War 3. The story really doesn't end with a big payoff. The combat and camera hardly changed all that much. I liked the game, but it definitely didn't outdo GoW 1 or GoW Chains of Olympus. Bummer. Had high hopes.

  • This is one of the coolest games I've ever played. I love the themes the game deals with, and the characters are great.

  • I finally got around to playing this after playing the demo months back and not liking it. This game drew me in so quick. It is a fantastic little game that I wholly recommend to puzzle game aficionados.

  • This was my second playthrough, but this time around I actually liked the game. Figured that's important enough to put this here.

  • Yeah... Yeah I beat this game. It was okay.

  • What a boring campaign and frustrating multiplayer setup. It took them that long to make this? There isn't even Forge or Big Team Battle. What happened?

  • I finally got around to beating this game, and I loved it. I played the BFG edition.