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I went with English. The lip sync didn't bother me since they don't animate at all during most of the voiced dialogue. On top of not knowing Japanese and the subtitles being for the English version, its really a no brainer.

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I had this exact same problem. Doing random side quests/exploring and then you just hit someone who is 10 levels higher than you. The parade side quest in particular. I ended up just having to move on with the story, which seems to auto balance to or around your current level.

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I'm going to be the bearer of bad news and say I didn't have a great time with this game. The opening of the game is cool and combat feels nice, and then it drops you in years later and it kinda falls apart. I found it hard to figure out where to got at first and then I hit a bug where objective markers wouldn't disappear after completed. Then the moves list are misleading, bugged, or both. On top of that it just seemed really difficult in single player. Getting knockdown takes so long and you are constantly surrounded, making it a pain to go anywhere. The SWAT team are a bit too quick to show up, when you accidentally hit a passerby. Also I'm not a fan of the grinding for money, when it feels so easy to lose it all.

I'm waiting for a couple more patches to drop before I give it another try. It just feels a little half-baked right now.

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Revengance since I knew I'd be OP anyway. It was actually much easier than I thought. Monaco and Lost Planet 2 I both played by myself and then replayed several times in coop. I honestly don't replay most games immediately ,if at all. I really prefer to finish most games and move on.

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I like that they're keeping the balance changes pretty light, Valkyrie and fixing the Peacekeeper aside.

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Good luck Drew!

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Playing it made me realize how there are very few games that go for this very simple idea of medieval dudes fighting. I wouldn't recommend the game for the single player alone, the multiplayer is just too key. But its totally fine for what it is. I had my doubts at whether they could make a compelling fight against AI with these very 1v1 systems and they do alright. Better than I thought they would.

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I think there are probably a bit too many cliffs, spike traps, fires, and really deep ponds in this game. Guardbreaks are indeed guaranteed damage or instant kills in the right spot. That said its definitely not the cheapest thing in the game(lets talk about unblockable charge setups/mixups). I'm pretty terrible at countering guardbreaks and I do fine. Try listening for the sound instead of the animation before trying to counter.

Mostly I found that spacing and hitting them with light attacks works wonders, since you can't be grabbed out of attacks. I think Dan tried throwing in the quicklook and got destroyed by someone light attacking over and over. I've also seen people just straight up run away to a safer spot in duels. Though there are some really fucked up maps. Its even possible to successfully counter a guardbreak and the small shove pushing you off a ledge. Also some classes, Warlord especially, have really good throws. Meanwhile Kensei,and some tohers, can dash forward and guradbreak you. So yea, spacing is really important. Dashing and rolling is also really helpful.

I'm not 100% sure on this ,but it feels like there are situations where you can't counter guardbreak. I know being in revenge does that to people for sure. But I've had situations where it looks like I caught them whiffing an attack or a guardbreak attempt and I counter it with my own.

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@zevvion: I almost lost to him on my first try, but then he killed himself by flying up and diving directly into the water. Also to your other comment, I found that the axe and spear are way better at guard breaking. Plus there's a magic spell that can stop enemies from gaining ki. It really just fucks up revenants if you can get those grapples nonstop. Though with dual swords, I found it easier to just wait and punish.

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I need to give it another shot. I remember trying to play it and being really put off early on, basically by everyone. Not that it was badly written necessarily , but it caught me off guard at how it was written. It felt like I accidentally walked into the wrong theater. But also everyone who plays it seems to really like it. When I do go back, I might play Read Only Memories too and see how they compare.