Top Ten Games of 2013

There was no one killer app for me. That said, this is a pretty amazing year for video games. This is a bit of a weird list. I played more and spent more on video games than I think I've ever done before. Anyway, here's a list. The first 7 are the ones that immediately popped in my head and the last couple took some thinking.

List items

  • The fighting game that made me realize that I like fighting games. It felt like everything finally clicked for me. It was huge revelation , felt cracking a code. Even looking past its smart feature set, its strange/crazy/fun world, and outstanding hand-drawn animation, its still a great fighter. I saw just how intense,thoughtful, and complex fighters can be. I've put over 80 hours into this game and I'm still want to train more. Ask me a year ago and would of shrugged at the mention of a fight game,but not anymore. No contest, this is my GOTY.

  • DmC has it beat in some aspects, but this is just a better playing action game. Its insane and over-the-top in all the right ways. I saw a lets play of this originally, watched the whole thing, and then proceeded to buy and finish the game. Made me realize that I love action games.

  • My only regret is not forcing people to play it with me. Its so elegant in design and fun in practice. I have never not had loads of laughter when playing with other. Full of charm and has a style all of its own. Great great game.

  • I enjoyed the story and the graphics ,but I swear that I'm one of the select few who liked the actual game part of this game. The seamless transition from stealth to satisfying/lethal combat ,plus the variety of ways you can solve each encounter, really make this game for me. This is all on top of its excellent presentation. This is Naughty Dog's best.

  • This game might be my Binding of Issac. Even in its early state, its so immediate playable and engrossing top-down shooter. And its only going to grow larger and larger. I love playing and can't wait to see what they add next.

  • Such an all around solid game. Looks great, with an easy and fun combo system. Its an action game I would recommend to almost anyone. Which is more than I can say for a lot of the games I play.

  • People preach this enough ,but damn what a great and gorgeous platformer.

  • Probably the best 2D brawler I can think of. Its fast, brutal, and feels so right. Its a video game about fighting up ninjas and sending them flying across the screen. Its silly and amazing.

  • The only rogue-like I can sink 4 hours in without batting an eye. Plays more like Diablo than a traditional rogue-like ,but I'm not complaining. I'm terrible at it but there a surprising amount of content and unlockables that really make this one of my favorite rouge-likes, and probably RPGs.

  • Wish I finished this, a shmup with lite puzzle aspects. Its not afraid to beat you up a little, and it sometimes can demand to much just to unlock the next level. But man is it smart and satisfying. I really wish there more shmups like this or just more shmups in general.