E3 2012

This is for the Giantbomb community listapalooza

List items

  • Now that came out of nowhere. Ubisoft you have my attention for possibly the first time ever... now don't disappoint.

  • That video at the MS press conference looks fucking awesome. It's a South Park game and it looks like the hilarity of the show is fully there and I could not be more excited.

  • I don't care if the series seams beat to death to most, it's God of War and man am I stoked.

  • I'm a sucker for NFS games, I have all but like 2 in the franchise no matter the quality. It might not be a new Burnout, but it looks like it's really going to play like one... plus cops.

  • I'll admit it: mainly interested due to Wolverine in the trailer, but none the less could be cool.

  • Never played an AC game, but the American history aspect of this one really has me interested.

  • Never really been a Halo fan, 3 and a few matches of 2 multiplayer are my extent, but this will be interesting simply due to the new studio and the beginning of a new story.