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E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games

InfernoChaos: E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games

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  • Ever since a young age I was always a big Sci-Fi buff. So when I first played the very first Mass Effect which was an embodiment of all Sci-Fi I was completely in love! I am also a huge RPG person so that made me love it even more so. I grew extremely attached to the Shepard I modeled after myself and all of compatriots who had their own unique charm to them. With Mass Effect 2 that love continued and grew. Now with Mass Effect 3 comes the end of the trilogy and I ma extremely excited to see what path my Shepard which I have been shaping up for over 5 years now takes and how each and every choice I made over the years will effect the story!

  • Atlus is one of the premiere Japanese developers out there known most notably for their Shin Megami Tensei series which has an incredibly large fanbase among RPG players. With Catherine which is being worked on by the main Persona team they envision a story driven game that will truly immerse the player and make them crave to see how it all unfolds and from what I've seen and followed so far I am 100% behind them. Shin Megami Tensei games have always had interesting stories so one where its the entire focus intrigues me especially with such an also interesting premise. With all star voice actors from both the Japanese and English side, a renown team working on it and even gorgeous animations from Studio 4C, how can anyone who has had contact with an Atlus game before and loved it, possibly ignore Catherine!

  • The initial Bioshock was truly something unique at the time even though it was practically a carbon copy of System Shock 2. It brought back a unique spin of FPS games that seemed to have been lost among all the shooters that focused only on regular normal army guns. But it was not only that, the atmosphere in Bioshock was simply impeccable. Made you truly want to know what had happened to Rapture as you explored its deep eery halls. Its one game that truly captures a creepy mood that actual horror games fail to do so. At its end it was an experience you could not forget. With its sequel Bioshock 2 it was lackluster all around and people did not know what to expect with the franchise anymore, but with Infinite all those doubts are turned upside down. It looks incredible and still has that firm grasp on the atmosphere its presenting while being in the complete opposite setting of Bioshock 1. Even able to formulate new enemies even grander than their Big Daddy. Reports who saw the game early don't call it game of the show without a reason.