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This is too much the best time to be playing video games! Too many games!

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I am no longer a "gamer"

That's right. I opt out of being called that, because I don't fit into that space anymore. Let us check what the criteria are for being called a gamer. 

  • Like to play games, and do so almost every day.
- I do. Some days I only play for half an hour or so, but I mostly play more than that. And if I don't play at all I most likely read about games at least. So I got this point covered.
  • Know things about almost every platform of gaming.
- I do. I read a lot about gaming in general, so I know more and more about this every day. A "Check" on this point as well.
  •  Own at least one gaming platform.
- I own a gaming PC, Xbox 360, Wii and a DSXL. So I got this as well. 
  • Bitch and moan about a variety of minor things having to do with gaming.
- Hmm. I don't do this. 
  • Be extremely negative towards something you have never tried because it is new.
- I don't do this either... 

So there you have it. To be called a gamer these days it seems you have to be negative and bitch about things. Let me write down a few of the things I have seen around the internet the past year(s) or so: 
- [insert popular game title] suck! It is the worst game ever to come out! 
- They should just stop making Kinect. It just doesn't have any use at all. I'm not going to buy it, so why bother? 
- Consoles are for retards. If you cannot use a computer, you shouldn't be called a gamer. 
- Causal gamers aren't gamers. I wish they all died, 'cause then we might get better games on the Wii. 
- The Wii is a waste of space. Nothing but shovelware and casual crap no-one wants. 
- Dead Rising 2 is going to suck because it has a time limit and the saving is crap. 
- Steam is a cancer in gaming. I hope it crash and burns so that we non DRM people win.
I am not saying it is wrong to dislike something. You can hate Halo all you like, you can think the Wii is stupid. But if you cannot get it into your skull that someone think the opposite, then you are stupid. I don't like Metal Gear Solid. I don't like Final Fantasy. You do? Great! We are different then. We have different taste when it comes to games. That is what so many gamers these days seem to forget.   
I hereby opt out of all that. I am no longer a gamer. I'm just a guy who like to play video games now and then. I love Steam, I love my Xbox and I am hopeful that Kinect will turn out good. I love the time limit in DR, and I am sure I will love it in DR2 as well. I don't like DRM, but it is not going to stop me buying games I really want.  
I am optimistic about things, which means I don't fit into the gamer mold these days.  Everyone else who are optimistic about things are free to join me in having fun. Which gaming is really about. 
I guess this whole blog post is a bit ironic. Here I am, bitching and moaning about being sick of gamers bitching and moaning. But I just had to get this rant out.