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Persona 4 Journey - part 3

**Spoilers if you haven't played Persona 4**

Haven't had anything that i felt like adding to this in a while but this was big so i wanted to share. I just saved Nanako from the clutches of Namatame, i wasn't sure i'd be able to beat him since some of the shadows in the upper floors of the dungeon were pretty tough. I guess that's all part of the P4 experience, going into a big boss battle and surprising yourself when you're victorious. One part of the Namatame battle that really scared me was when my whole party(Youske, Chie and Yukiko) all turned against me.

Defeating Namatame in Style!
Defeating Namatame in Style!

I'll say this about Rise, she is REALLY useful in battle when you get her S-Link up(I still don't even have her at max yet)!

Oh yeah, the Investigation Team Band ROCKS!!!!

Only Social Stat i have left to max is 'Understanding', can't wait to see what's at the bottom of the Infamous Beef Bowl. :)

I'm already under Yukiko's spell ;)
I'm already under Yukiko's spell ;)