New Theme: Motorsports

Motorsports is a new theme in the database that can be applied at the game level.

I'll be going back to my last blog post about genres and themes and adding ones that seem meaningful in the near future. (So consider this post a second chance to suggest some).

Additionally, we will be moving to a new maximum of one genre per game. This means, obviously, that we will be adding a lot of genres to the system, like "Action-Adventure," which is used primarily to differentiate between the console definition of adventure (Legend of Zelda, Fable II) and the PC definition (Maniac Mansion, Broken Sword). Multiple themes will still be possible.

Also still thinking a lot about how to split the Shooter genre to account for the following types of game:

  • Modern third-person shooters like Gears of War and Max Payne
  • Forced scroll arcade shooters like Gradius and Xevious
  • Fixed-screen shooters like Galaga and Space Invaders
  • User-controlled scrolling shooters like Commando or Contra

Any thoughts that don't include the terms "shoot-'em-up" or "shmup" would be sincerely appreciated.