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Avatar Adventurers Online - A neat XBL Indie Game "MMORPG" for $3

Thought I would make this little blog about this game my buddy and I found last night and spread the word about it.

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The game is called Avatar Adventurers Online for XBL Indie Games.  AAO is an "MMORPG" developed by Squarebananas.  And I put MMO in quotes because it's not a true MMORPG.  You can kinda think of it like Phantasy Star.  While the game does have online, you can only connect to 15 other people at once.

Like the title insists, you use your Avatar while you play the game in this MMO like setting.  Just like other MMOs, you go around getting quests, gain levels, etc.  Your typical MMO stuff.  Here is a video showing off the very beginning of the game.


It's really neat to see Squarebananas make a game like this for the Indie Game service.  I would love to see them support this game and give it life by spreading the word.  For a measly 240 MS Points ($3), you can't go wrong with it.  It's easily the most impressive Indie Game I have seen to date.