I bought an Xbox "Slim": Ask me anything

Not that you guys don't already know everything about it. But I have one now and it seems pretty awesome. It's very quiet. Slightly less quiet with a disc spinning bu oh man it's soo much improved. The beep sounds on the touch buttons are nice. But oh no! It already has finger prints on it! 
Go go bad camera phone pictures! 

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I payed a whopping $65 after my trade deal with Gamestop. Pretty good stuff considering the only thing I really lost was one controller. The other things I had to trade (the HDD and Wifi adapter) are not only in the new console already, but improved upon. I'm excited. 
Imma go play some Ekksbawks!

Blog Banners

Yo... I made some blog banners: 

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I was working on a third one until I gave up, due to it being ugly as hell. I was trying to make a design based on a circuit board. Turns out I'm not quite creative/skilled enough to pull that one off. At least not at 2am. I kinda like the brown one though. Anyone else have opinions? Is my work crap?  :P

So this happened:

So this happened today:

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Then I decided to go see this: 

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After that, I watched the finale of this: 

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I then proceeded to create this: 

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So now that it's midnight and my Xbox is dead, all I have left to do is play this on loop until I fall asleep: 
  Picture blogs... who knew?

All this Green Day talk is just making me want more Pearl Jam

The Rock Band: Green Day game has been getting some more advertisements as it's release date inches closer and closer. I'm not gonna lie, Green Day has some great songs on their older albums like Dookie and Nimrod. Sadly there are only three tracks from Nimrod, but better than nothing I suppose. 
But anyways, all this Green Day talk recently is just making me think of the Pearl Jam Live: Rock Band project that was all but announced like a year ago. The Pearl Jam game is still officially a rumor but there is enough evidence to conclude it's a thing, and it's going to happen. Recently a Swedish retailer has even made claims to know about the Pearl Jam project currently in the works, but Harmonix is denying it's existence for the time being. Here's a mock-up of what the cover of the game could look like, if it were ugly: 

 Bah! I want this game! But I hope the real cover is better.
 Bah! I want this game! But I hope the real cover is better.
A lot of people say, "Well 'Ten' is already in Rock Band as DLC, isn't that like all their good songs?". To that I say NAY! 
There are so many good songs I would love to be able to play the live versions of on Rock Band. for example:
  • Red Mosquito
  • Better Man
  • Yellow Ledbedder
  • Do the Evolution
  • Daughter
  • Rearviewmirror
  • Leash
  • Marker In the Sand
  • Down
  • Footsteps
  • etc.
There's a million more, but all those would be awesome. I'm hoping for some kind of announcement during E3. They can squeeze it in somewhere between "Hey, we're putting out Green Day" and "Hey, we're putting out Rock Band 3". Give me something here Harmonix! 

Screened is go! (Oh god, why did I commit to this?)

Alex Navarro, Matt Rorie, and company at Screened.com have been up and rolling for a few days now as most people here know. It's an awesome site as expected being part of Whiskey media. 
Regarding my parenthetical in the title there, I made what basically amounts to a pact with myself that I will review one movie per day, starting the day the site launched. I chose Zoolander to review the first day of launch because it's a movie I have seen maybe a hundred times... literally. Anyways, the next day I chose to review a Pearl Jam film which is kind of a concert/documentary based on Pearl Jam's tour in Italy a number of years ago. And now, the third day has brought yet another review. This time I chose Cobra. Jeff and the guys here are always talking about the greatness of Cobra so I decided to watch it and review it for myself. Keep in mind I'm doing one of these each day and I really would like to do other things with my days as well, so they are by no means extensive reviews. I try to get my point across the best I can in about twenty to thirty minutes of writing. I usually do a very minimal amount of brainstorming and planning beforehand too. So yeah, I'm a noobish film reviewer just having some fun.
I'm gonna go ahead and post these reviews right here in my very own blog. The best part is, nobody can stop me! Muah hahahaha!  
Zoolander - 4/5 - Orange mocha frappuccinos!
Pearl Jam: Immagine In Cornice - 5/5 - Rockin' in the Free World! 
Cobra - 5/5 - You're a disease, and I'm the cure! 
**Edit: Latest review: 
Evan Almighty - 2/5 - Build that arc!
Oh and final thought: The Screened.com photo edit thread is awesome but needs to be awesomer-er-er. Check it out, and contribute! Here's what I've done so far: 

 My first go at it, lol
 My first go at it, lol

 Second try, I love this one
 Second try, I love this one
Peace out ya'll.

Yo, I got some old games and stuff

That was quite possibly the greatest title ever. Now enjoy this random photo of my favorite beverage: 

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 On a side note, is anyone else mad about the switch from glass SoBe bottles to plastic? Its awful in my opinion. It doesn't even taste quite the same. I still buy it though, I'm a sucker. The one in the picture is the last glass bottle I could find at my nearest store. As you may or may not be able to see, it expires January or next year, so I'm gonna save it to drink on New Years. 
 These games rep for the BEST coast.
 These games rep for the BEST coast.
 Wheel. You are finally mine.
 Wheel. You are finally mine.
So yeah, I got some new (old) games. I got Dynasty Warriors 6 empires, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Bayonetta. Dynasty Warriors is kinda meh but whatever, it was kind of a bonus anyways. Besides those though I also finally got a Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel to compliment Forza 3. I got the wheel and all the games for $100. 

So now I have some achievements that need to get got. One particular achievement I have been chasing has still eluded me. that is the one for winning golds on every race in Forza 3. Christ that takes a long time.   
OK last thing, I had a Double Down from KFC. Actually that's a lie... I had two. Not at the same time mind you, but that almost makes it worse. After experiencing the DD for myself, I then premeditated eating another and followed through with it. I think I'm done with them now though. I feel dirty after eating them. Now check out these high-res disgusting pics: 

Camera phone. It's a little blurry but you get the idea. 
Camera phone. It's a little blurry but you get the idea. 

 num nums.  :P
 num nums.  :P
Alright that's enough of that. Peace out y'all. (I don't live in the south)

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more apps!

 I finally got the new phone I have been waiting on for a few weeks. It's a myTouch 3G. Nothing special, but it's a huge upgrade from my old crappy phone.

 Cool White
 Cool White
I've been downloading all kinds of free apps for the last few hours. So far I have downloaded: Google Goggles, Shazam, Discovery Channel app, I'm With CoCo app, Google sky app (I think it's called), and a few more. I haven't even touched most of the features of the phone and it's already so awesome.

I need some app recommendations though. Anyone that has an Android phone, what are your must have android apps?

If I were to create a video game...

If I were to create a video game, I would spend a hell of a lot of time coming up with a great idea for it. But right now I can't get this bad idea out of my head so I'm gonna write it down. Hopefully this will let me forget about it. I don't have a lot of the details nailed down so bare with me.
OK, it's called "Darksliders".
Its a game about an army of evil (and dark!) sliders. I mean sliders as in the White Castle burgers of course. The game will even sport an official license by White Castle.

 The face of pure evil
 The face of pure evil

The antagonists will be none other than two skateboarders. Mark Gonzales who invented the "Dark Slide" grind, and Rodney Mullen who perfected it. There will be some kind of evil partnership going on there, I'm not quite sure how it will work. Probably, Gonzales will be the evil mastermind and Mullen will be the guy that goes out and does dirt to the protagonist. whenever Rodney Dark Slides a bench or something, an army of evil White Castle slider hamburgers will emerge. 
Everyone still following? Good.
 The savior of a nation. Nay, a world!
 The savior of a nation. Nay, a world!
The protagonist role will be handled a bit like the recent Call of Duty games, by which I mean it will switch between multiple protagonists on multiple fronts. One of the main protagonists will be comedian Joe Rogan of Fear Factor fame, of course. Fear Factor Fame provides some nice alliteration. But anyways, the second main character would be Dave Snider. I just really really want Dave in a game as you can tell by one of my lists.
There will be cameo appearances by many many stars such as:
  • Tony Hawk
  • Ryan Davis
  • Will and Norm (from Tested)
  • Mike Glodberg
  • Chuck Norris
  • Harold and Kumar
  •  Lou Ferrigno
  •  Billy Ingram (founder of White Castle)
  • and more!
Don't have all the details nailed down as to exactly HOW these people will all appear.
The game will be mostly linear with branching elements. It will be a third person action game essentially similar to Gears or Resident Evil 5, this was chosen purely to show off Dave's character model as much as possible. Weapons will include flamethrowers, shotguns, chainsaws, etc. Of course eating the slider enemies is an option that will have a risk vs. reward element to be later announced.
 Sponsored by White Castle
 Sponsored by White Castle
The White Castle official license element will be implemented in several ways, including a coupon for 50% of any meal at White Castle. Coupons will be included in each new copy of the game.
Were not talking about DLC at this time.  :P
This is getting really long so I'll leave it at that. Would you guys give this game the thumbs up or shoot it down? What would you add or change? These are important questions people.

This is what happens when I get bored.

Since the Blazers have been letting me down in the NBA Playoffs so far, I've had to divert my attention from them and focus on other things. Except I don't have a lot of other things to focus on right now so I made a video. This is an extremely serious video and it shouldn't be enjoyed by anyone... enjoy:

And also, Doofy Crap 2.0! It's new and improved!
Oh and thanks to the dude who made the Brad Head gif. Totally forgot who it was. Also the Dave and Ryan ones too.
If anyone wants to try to encourage the possibility that the Blazers have a chance in the Playoffs this year... I gotta be honest I'm not sure I can be encouraged at this point. But you can try.   :P