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Not too bad if you are looking for a cheap thrill 1

Let me start off by saying if you enjoy any Battlefield game, you will most likely enjoy this one. Battlefield 1943 is a scaled down version of it's predecessor Battlefield 1942. DICE has truly given the gamer a fun, cheap game that pays off in bucket loads.  ProsThe engine of this game is fantastic. If you can remember playing Bad Company and drooling at the explosions, oggling at the ability to drive a tank through a building or a treeline, then you should be excited to learn that the engine t...

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Capturing ghosts has never been this fun before! 0

If you've ever watched the movies, you will no doubt enjoy the comical value of this game, but some of the flaws make for a very frustrating experience.Concept    The Ghostbuster game brings capturing ghosts to the gamer in a way never before seen. Nothing can quite describe how fun it is trying to lure a ghost into a trap as it fights against the inevitable. The proton pack acts just as it is expected to, but is hardly 'realistic' according to Ghostbusters lore. So many times has it been said "...

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LoTRO is a great game filled with goodies 0

Lord of the Rings Online is a worthy competitor to the popular World of Warcraft series.  Depending on what satisfies your taste-buds, LoTRO can probably deliver.    The  world, Middle Earth, created by J.R. Tolkien is displayed beautifully in the game, allowing for deep immersion and amazing story possibilities.  The level grind is not hard at all, so if it's a challenging grind you are in search for you may want to try the trial first.  There is plenty of End-game though, as well as many craft...

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Great Game 0

I've played all of the civilizations and this is another great one, but not the best.  All in all, it's a great game that satisfies my conquer-the-world appetite. I honestly think if I had never played a civilization game before civ:rev then I would most likely enjoy everything this one offers me.  Unfortunately, I suppose I was spoiled with the PC versions.  Civilization Revolution is a great game though and with the DLC ideas I've read on the forums it will have great replay value.  I just wis...

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