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Not too bad if you are looking for a cheap thrill

Let me start off by saying if you enjoy any Battlefield game, you will most likely enjoy this one. Battlefield 1943 is a scaled down version of it's predecessor Battlefield 1942. DICE has truly given the gamer a fun, cheap game that pays off in bucket loads.  


  • The engine of this game is fantastic. If you can remember playing Bad Company and drooling at the explosions, oggling at the ability to drive a tank through a building or a treeline, then you should be excited to learn that the engine translates well into 1943. Driving a tank through nearly all obstacles is a blast, and when a camper is hiding in a building nothing can beat blowing that building to smithereens. 
  • The maps don't seem to large. I can remember if someone didn't pick you up for a ride you might of been stuck running for days on end towards the next objective. Well in this game, you still might not get that ride but the run doesn't seem nearly as dreadful. I've heard the maps were scaled down a bit to help this issue, and it seems to me that could be true.
  • The graphics of the game look awesome. To me, graphics are not that important; but it should be noted that they look amazing and as realistic as needed to give the impression of WW2.  This is not a cartoony game, in my opinion - not like the other recently released Battlefield game Heroes.
  • Friendly Fire. Now I don't have to worry about my teamates shooting at me because I got the plane first, or because I jumped into the jeep before them. This is more of a pet peeve, but all the same I am very happy they've attempted to stop the hate. 


  • There are only 4 maps, and one is limited to only Aircraft. Where some may enjoy flying the plane, I really don't- thus making this map utterly useless to me. The other maps are okay, but being limited to only 3 can make for a repetative game. It's not all that bad, but something I think will make me not replay the game as much as I would others.
  • Classes. There is only three classes to choose from. This seems low to me. I enjoy picking a class that is needed to help achieve victory- but in this case since there are only 3 classes, there's nothing 'more' I can do to help out my team.
  • Rockets seem pointless- at least from what I've noticed. I've been in fights where I had my rocket launcher out, aimed it directly at an enemy and have it NOT kill him. I just don't understand that. Of course I'd rather use a gun, but as some may realize in the heat of a fight it's not always prudent to switch weapons. In this game though the rocket does little to nothing to an enemy if he is not in a vehicle. Where I can appreciate that when the rocket is aimed at me, I still think anyone who gets hit witha rocket should die, end of story.  

I gave the game 4 of 5 stars. I love it and will continue to play it, but the cons outwieghed the pros in some instances. I'd really like to have a full out Battlefield game again on the 360, but alas this will have to do.  But with a $15 pricetag you really can't beat it.

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