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 Well I believe its spider man the ones that are based of the movie. The first spider man was okay I don't really remember that much about it. Now Spider Man 2 I have not put that much effort in any game okay maybe COD4 anyway. Spider Man 2 was awesome for me I loved it I played it for hours. The graphics were pretty good it still was only an  XBOX but I just loved the game and the most addicting thing to me was getting the ranks like beat up hundred enemies your a cop helper or something like that. Or rescue 50 balloons (much harder than you think) I loved that. Then came Spider Man 3 than suckeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Everything about it sucked. I saw The Dark Knight yesterday only one word AWESOME and we all now why. I just can't believe the actor of the joker died because of sleeping pills. Everybody knows the joker doesn't sleep. Oh yeah here's a video from two of my favorite bands.