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What i learned after my first 12 games in Silver League

So after finishing up my placement games i got placed into spot on the silver league, 100th in my division. After playing 12 games after placement, i notice that players have almost the same strategies for each race. Zerg players like to Zerg rush, and a lot of Protos players like to tech to air units. Being someone who is sticking to one race (Terrans), these 2 strategies screw up my economy with them going straight for my SCV's. With that said, on my last game of the day i successfully countered the Protoss "air attack" and decided to call it a day on a happy note. The Zerg rush still bites my ass though.


Went back to Aion, for 1.9...?

Since this summer i am going to go back to working full time instead of taking classes over the summer, i decided to go back to either WoW or Aion. At first i reactivated my WoW account, but after being out of it for almost 2 years, the game just started to look dated. And i am pretty much a noob among the elites of player who play WoW by now. I never had a character past level 25 since i always loose interest by the time i get there. 
So i reactivated my Aion account since i am more interested in that than WoW, and i read that they just rolled out 1.9 which added and changed some neat things. The reason i quit Aion before was that the grind was just terrible when i got around level 22. But since i am going to have more time to play, the grind shouldn't be much of a problem. So i created a new character and forgot how beautiful the game was. Now im on level 12 and enjoying it. And i pretty much transferred all the cash my old char had and gave it to my new one which helped.
My number 1 problem with MMO's is that i dont have people to play with. So im just wondering if anyone recently went back to Aion or are still playing?


Fans Disappointed with FFXIII, Will this be better?

 I am reading up on a lot of Final Fantasy fans and players who are disappointed, and even disgusted with FFXIII. Most of the complaints im seeing is that it's too linear, the battle system is exploited by just attacking constantly, the game is just another generic JRPG, etc. 
 I'm still going to be giving this game a chance since it has yet to hit the U.S. (and i really like the FF series), but with these disappointments i see hope in VersusXIII. 
I really hope that Square-Enix are putting most, if not all, of their "A" team on this project now that XIII is released. I am now thinking to myself that this will be the true FFXIII that the fans and players would want. 
Sure we dont know much about VersusXIII right now, but from the few trailers that were released it looks really beautiful. The latest trailer that i have seen was the one that came with FFVII:Advent Children Complete, and maybe the last bit of the trailer was gameplay, maybe it was pre-rendered, all i know is that it left me wanting. From what i've heard regarding the battle system, it is something like Kingdom Hearts. That is only what i heard, only Square-Enix knows truly what the battle system is like.
Of course like everyone else, im still waiting for more info on this game. but from what little i know, i am hopeful.


Going from Uncharted 2 right into Assassin's Creed 2 = Bad Idea

Yesterday i got Assassin's Creed 2. But before i wanted to start it, i wanted to finish Uncharted 2 since i was on the last 2 chapters. So i finish Uncharted, sat throught the credits and after it saved, i directly popped in AC:2. It was a big mind freak for me. I probably should have taken a day off before starting it. Obviously the visuals are just not on par, and i totally forgot the controls from the first Assassin's Creed and my mind was still in Uncharted mode, and started trying to use those controls in AC:2. I died a few times in the beginning of the game.
Long story short, going from Uncharted 2 right into AC:2 is a bad idea... for me anyways. I think im gonna restart a AC:2 tonight.


Ahhh so many games....

  Anyone else having a problem with just too many games to play? especially with all the great games that still have yet to come out in 2009. 
I've already decided to give up on 100%ing Arkham Asylum, cuz the last 2 combat challenges are just too difficult for me to get the full 3 medals, and thats been keeping me from getting deeper or even starting other games. im still in the really early parts of uncharted 2, did 1 race on NFS:Shift, working on Dirt 2, waiting for the patch to fix NBA 2k10, playing AION any time i get, and now im also getting Forza 3, Assassin's Creed 2, and MW:2 on release day. Not to mention i still have to finish Disgaea 1 on PSP, and need to start on Disgaea 2, Persona PSP, and GTA:CTW PSP.  
All while working full-time during the week.
i've actually ran into this problem before, and it resulted in me not being able to finish Resistance 2 and Gears 2.


I just got the "Ultimate Gaming System"

Well today i just got the new Dreamcast i ordered from Backstory: I sold my old dreamcast after owning it for less than a year since i used my PS2 more. I only had like 2 games for the DC anyways. After all the hooplah that was around on 09/09/09 i decided to buy a new dreamcast and am starting a collection of all the games i missed. Right now i picked up Grandia II and Skies of Arcadia.
Here's some unboxing pics:


The ONLY reason i would trade my Phat PS3 for the newer one.

The phat PS3 is a very sexy looking device. But with that sexy-ness comes the hassle of maintaining it. As many ps3 owners would know, this thing attracts dust even if its in a relatively clean area. The plastic case literally gets magnetized enough to draw dust to it. Also, if you look around the case it has plenty of little holes and divets where dust can get trapped. When ever i vacuum my room i usually would take the nozzle and try to suck up the dust off my ps3 as well as well as my 360. 
Now after see screens off the newer model (Sony isn't really calling it the SLIM just yet), and see kotaku's "Five Senses Test," the new PS3 looks to have a more cleaner design with vents only in the back. The plastic also looks like it wouldn't attract much dust either.
Call me crazy, or a neat freak, but thats really the only reason i would trade in my phat PS3 for the newer one. I still love it either way.


Kick Ass site

Well its finally arrived. (beta??? probably)

The site seems to be running slow for some people, but that expected. Hope the bugs will be worked out soon guys.
Keep up the good work.