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Games my kids loved (age 4-16)

A list for parents who are looking for inspiration. I'm not including the obvious iOS titles.I'm updating the list as my kids are getting older. But I'm trying to tell at what age they enjoyed the title in question.

List items

  • Although they didn't have the reading skills my kids started playing this game at the age of 5. They got the basic machanics pretty quickly and loved to collect all the stuff. They decorated their rooms and wrote me funny letters that became more and more meaningfull while they learned how to read and write. I now have an awesome collection of documents of that period.

  • It's a story about a family that is going through a hard time. As a little toy robot you're trying to support them. This is charming! I played while my kids were giving me advices.

  • Actually ALL Lego games. But if you're reading this and you're a parent you probably knew already.

  • The game play is very similar to the game play of the Lego games. So, yes, this one works.

  • My daughter loved this one very much. She finished all levels and still returns to this one from time to time.

  • No brainer (but pretty hard to master for a younger child)

  • This early wii title is told from a kid's perspective. Kept us busy for some weeks.

  • My kids forced me to play this so they can watch. Again and again. I *almost* finished it. It's a long game.

  • Another one my kids liked to watch me playing.

  • The first game I played online with my daughter (at the age of 10).

  • *sigh* - you have to accept it sometimes.

  • The perfect DS game. Very apt for an older child (around 10 years old).

  • I guess watching me playing this is like watching a cartoon for my kids.

  • Leedmees is fun for 15 minutes. A nice little game for your Kinect. It gets tricky fast though.

  • My kids still demand to play this when friends are visiting. The rafting is quite good.

  • It's beautiful and the puzzles are fair. My kids play this with a xbox controller on the PC, works great.

  • My daughter played it, put it away, played it, put it away, played it, put it away, ...

  • A cute adventure game by one of my favourite indie developer. My son (at the age of 6) loved to help me solving some puzzles.

  • My kids loved the atmosphere. Discovery is probably the best feature a game can offer to kids.

  • Swapping the little toys in mid-play is really impressing. Besides I don't really get the appeal of the game, but my kids seem to like it a lot. (Not being able to jump is something I find irritating.)

  • Probably the best game to introduce kids to chess. My son loves solving the small chess problems.

  • I know what you're thinking and you're right. I hate to support this brand. The kinect title was disgusting. But this one is actually different. In a free drive mode you can collect items to buy new cars. Driving around with no time pressure is perfect for my kids. The avatar's goofy stunt moves amused them a lot!

  • Another kart racer. My son learned how to start Steam for this one. It's a very forgiving game and therefore great for kids. Unlockable characters and race tracks are like crack.

  • This was the first time my oldest daughter (11) came to me and told me "Dad, I want you to buy this game."

  • Our 4 years old loves her "spider game". It's charming, surreal and not too hard.

  • at the age of 7 my son started to read Disney comics. Introducing him to this game on the PS2 was like giving him crack.

  • My daughter discovered this game at the age of 4. It's a relaxing experience with a slow piano track and great rainy sound effects. The player collects clouds to become a larger cloud. All you can do is rain and later make some thunder and lightning. Your rain will let flowers grow and the music adopts to the amount of rain you're dropping. Nice!

  • I finally understood the appeal of this while watching my 11 year old daughter playing it. Sometimes you have to see a thing through the eyes of a child.

  • Yes. This is what Kinect was made for.

  • GTA for the youth. Avoid the minigames and run round in a friendly open world. Good fun for 20 minutes now and then.

  • Although this game isn't out yet it's already an instant family classic. Playing the 4 player mode together with 3 kids is hilarious!

  • At the age of 9 my son developed a serious passion for superheroes and everything Marvel and DC related. I hesitated first to play this game with him since I wasn't sure about whether it was already appropriate for his age but it turned out the comic violence was no problem. I enjoy playing a fighting game with him and we regularly have duels now.

  • Minecraft hit us in 2014. Three kids, age 6,9, and 13, are playing on 3 PCs connected in our house. They love it. In fact all their friends love it too. In my opinion Notch does more for media literacy than our schools.

  • An instant buy. A very good couch coop game. The kids liked that they are forced to plan ahead.

  • The 13 years old lost herself in this. She sat in amazement.

  • I played this 3d tower defense game with my son when he was 11 in coop mode. A lot of fun!

  • no surprise after they loved Sims3

  • My daughter got hooked on this game at the age of 9. It's peaceful, beautiful and scatches a lot of game itches.

  • If you like lokal multiplayer games: buy this on Steam!

  • We printed out the manual and had a blast.

  • A fun coop game. A little bit difficult for smaller kids.