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Game Boy Advance Collection

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The Game Boy Advance was the first handheld system I had owned since the Game Gear, and I didn't come into possession of it by choice. I was at E3 2001 and Nintendo had a big line for a chance to win prizes, so of course I got in line. There was an animatronic Wario voiced by Charles Martinet himself who would comment on everyone playing the game as they passed around a microphone for each person to introduce themselves. The contest didn't involve any actual games. It was basically a giant roulette wheel that spun around the circular table that a dozen or so attendees would sit at. Basically, whatever landed in front of your designated space, you won. One person in each spin would win a new GBA, which was a few weeks away from release in North America. Suffice to say, I won. I had a brand spanking new Arctic white GBA... with no batteries and no games. I couldn't even buy a game for it until about a month after that.

On a funny side note, I was wearing a PlayStation t-shirt that day at the show, which Charles Martinet made fun of me for. He (as Wario) argued that I shouldn't be allowed to win the GBA.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Arctic (no box)
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP - Gold (complete w/box)
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP - Classic NES Limited Edition (complete w/box)
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP - Pearl White (complete w/box)
  • Nintendo Game Boy micro - Silver (complete w/box)
  • A.L.S. SP Pocket Case
  • A.L.S. SP Zipper Case (Blue)
  • A.L.S. SP Zipper Case (Silver)
  • Nintendo GBA to GameCube Link Cable
  • Nintendo GBA Zipper Case
  • Nintendo Power GBA SP Headphones

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