Bombcast Breakdown!! - 8.30.2008 - #39

Because two exclamation marks means you're super serial about it!

I have this weird goal of going through each show and taking copious notes, as this whole college thing has taught me. You can find all of the previous entries in this series via my blog, the Bombcast forum, or simply by searching up top. Whenever there is pertinent discussion on a given topic/game/person, I'll do my best to link that individual Breakdown to that particular page.

This is a fluid list. Beta as its popular to be known as. Things are going to be dynamic, pertaining to formatting and such, until I get a feel for how things are going to turn out. Categories may be added, renamed, or simply taken away on 'cast to 'cast basis. Let me know if you see something wrong! This is as much mine as it is yours!


  • Voices - obvious enough, who's in the podcast
  • Reviewed - initially going to be reserved for the taste testing they did early on in the series, will see how things turn out later when they start phasing it out
  • Movies mentioned - despite being a videogame-centric podcast, these guys have some serious debates on movies and people/ideas pertaining to them
  • Games mentioned - games/game series mentioned on the 'cast. Listed if the game has some type of discussion or context behind it, not simply if name dropped
  • Companies Mentioned - these guys spit knowledge about companies like nobodies business. best to catalog it all to be held against them
  • Names dropped - much like the games mentioned, people mentioned if it pertains to the 'cast
  • Out of context quotes - the tiny crazy bits we all love our boys saying. taken directly out of context makes it even more hilarious
  • Timestamps-the parts of the 'cast that are fairly easy to distinguish with Ryans segway ability. Oft times these will seamless lead into a bigger discussion on the topic
  • Definitive quotes - the bits where they're all business, and give their honest opinion/prediction on a topic. If you were to jump to a time in the 'cast, these would be it
  • General notes - ideas I've garnered from the crew during the 'cast
  • ******* - multiple astricks denote a few minutes of the 'cast you'd do well listening to, if for nothing else than the hilarity/gravitas of it all
  • 1+ - denotes where they talk about a certain topic for more than a minute, instead of simply dropping the name in there for no discussion.
  • You can find the link to specific Bombcast in the header immediately below.

Giant Bombcast PAX08 Edition ep.33 -- 8.30.2008



  • The W Seattle Hotel

Movies Mentioned

  • Undercover Brother (15.34)

Names Dropped

Companies Mentioned

Games Mentioned

Out of Context Quotes

  • For all of your stories from the wonderful world of video games check out giant BOOOOOOO-----OOOOOMBDOTCOMMM - jeff (.45) *****************
  • I can't tell you how many people you've just given a rock hard erection - ryan (.54)
  • Shut up and keep turning the crank or else we'll run out of power - vinny (1.38)
  • The Walrus 45degree angle - ryan (2.58)
  • Most are shot from the waste up. Tastefully - jeff (4.21)
  • She's getting on with her life - vinny (4.46)
  • It was an Italian place. I had Italian food. You racist - jeff,vinny (5.51)
  • We had a dialog - jeff (6.20)
  • Milestone is a word I've heard often - rich (8.48)
  • We play Ultimate Frisbee at least three times a week - rich (9.15)
  • You goddammed racist - vinny (10.06)
  • My favorite part about this angry burrito lady - ryan (11.12)
  • She really was not sorry but she was saying all of the words but all of the words just said fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou - ryan (11.34)
  • You're in Marin County, life's okay - jeff (11.55)
  • I expected Europeon people to be a little classier - rorie (12.29)
  • They get up real close, and they don't smell too good - alex (12.53)
  • It was just aimed directly at this womans ass - jeff (13.21)
  • Not metube, thats a very different site - jeff (13.39)
  • There were a lot of pale people smoking outside the conference hall - rorie (13.52)
  • That was Little Big Planet they had the topless girls - rorie (14.08)
  • Sid Meiers Tits Tycoon, perhaps you've heard of it. Coming soon. - ryan (14.27)
  • you're just stroking his palms with your fingers - brad (15.02)
  • I'll go a little lighter on you because you're a lady and we could do something later or something - jeff (15.21)
  • No ice in anything - alex (15.45)
  • Germany has its own reasons for no ice, and that reason is poop tapes - jeff (16.08)
  • Thats how you get Space Siege - ryan (17.10)
  • His bottom bitch is amazing - jeff (20.21)
  • It's your fault alex - ryan (21.01)
  • Panda Power Bombs dude. Most insane thing ever - alex (21.57)
  • Bombcast at Giantbomb dot com, let me know whats in a Panda Power Bomb. Apparently for jeff, its a bunch of vodka - ryan (22.10)
  • Curt Schilling is a baseball player. What could he possibly know about fantasy football - jeff (22.58)
  • Have you seen the Japanese spaghetti commercial - rorie (23.47)
  • You mean Curt Schillings Japanese spaghetti commercial - ryan (23.57)
  • Time Trotters Episode 2. It exists somewhere - jeff (26.30)
  • And with Joe Lieberman in it, its never been more topical - jeff (26.51)
  • Will Wright said E3 is dead. Are you going to argue with Wil Wright - brad (31.40)
  • I want a wet Meixican - vinny (32.38)
  • It was pretety much the best ego stroke I've ever had - ryan (33.37)
  • Not just a bunch of you press assholes - alex (35.45)
  • I signed someones big rig review today - alex (36.30)
  • Lets get a slow clap for this - ryan (38.30)
  • I realize this is a massive, MASSIVE conflict of interest having alex in the room - ryan (44.20)
  • Dude I have never seen you wear glasses, this is blowing my fucking mine - ryan (46.48)
  • I think you guys swear a lot - rich (48.09)
  • No, we drink a lot - jeff (48.11)
  • I really want someone to talk some shit about PAX, just balance this out a bit - ryan (49.24)
  • Does it keep up with the back story of the previous deer hunter games - ryan (53.27)
  • The idea that a tabletop game has as 4th edition blows my fucking mind - ryan (55.26)
  • 600$ for 6 days of wifi - rorie (56.39)
  • Its a schooner!! - ryan (57.46)
  • I don't do the drugs - jeff (58.20)
  • Not so much a shout out to the dudes in utility kilts - alex (59.36)
  • I want to know what a thousand people cracking their knuckles sounds like - ryan (1.03.35)
  • I feel like we have an hour and five minute advertisement for the Penny Arcade Expo now - ryan (1.03.55)
  • Anyone that came to the panel, props to you guys. You guys are winners - ryan (1.04.06)
  • Are you clean - ryan (1.04.40)
  • You can get your tilt steering on or not. I recommend not - jeff (1.11.19)
  • What we forgot was what happened in the last 3 MK games - jeff (1.12.45)
  • This is really interesting - ryan (1.13.20)
  • Say it like they told you to say it - jeff (1.14.40)
  • Thanks for everybody showing up and listening to the Ghostbusters soundtrack - ryan (1.16.30)
  • check out giant BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--------MBDOTCOOOOOMMMMM - rich (1.17.41)

Definitive Quotes

  • You only appeal to psychotics of their meds - alex (3.50)
  • The handshakes were bad the whole time. Just like real limp and clammy - alex (14.39)
  • Japan is better at everything, we all know this - jeff (16.22)
  • KOTOR2 took like 14 months to make for like a 40hr game - rorie(17.23)
  • At the end of the day, balancing whats right for the games quality against whats right for the business is probably like the hardest thing in games - jeff (19.18)
  • Literally it all comes together at the end, especially in terms of preview coverage - rorie (19.50)
  • I love the way Japan sells shit - ryan (24.36)
  • We've know that if you're going to release a show and are going to call it a show not just a one-off thing, you have to have many episodes ready - rich (25.02)
  • Someone put it to me last night that they think PAX is going to be the new E3. That its going to continue to grow in both relavance and size until it is also the thing that the game industry comes to to show off games to the press - jeff (28.38)
  • You know whats the new E3? Publisher run events - jeff (29.06)
  • I think its time someone took E3 in the back alley and just shot it. There's no need for it to exist - alex (31.05)
  • I think PAX is easily the best public open show in the world - jeff (36.47) ***************
  • It's amazing to me, society has changed so much that there's not one main stream anymore. There are multiple streams. There's no one shared experience anymore, there's no one thing that all of society is into, we've all found our niche. Everyone has their own channel now, and Penny Arcade Expo is one of those channels - jeff (40.18)
  • It's weird having that unjaded enthusiasm for everything thats happening - ryan (41.50)
  • Dude go to PAX if you're not in the press - vinny (50.57)
  • I think these guys don't get enough credit, is the fucking enforcers. Those guys are so fucking cool. (58.45)
  • Wear some damn pants, you're a man - ryan (59.46)
  • Thanks for the creepy page about me Giant Bomb, its been fun - rich (1.17.14)


  • Developer-Reviewer understanding (5.50)
  • Leipzig Conference (12.10)
  • Walter "Killer" Kowalski death (20.39)
  • Lets Talk About PAX (28.30) *************
  • Games at PAX (1.08.20)

General Notes

  • First PAXcast on record, recorded on Day 2 of the show, after they've already had their panel.
  • Anna is put on speaker phone at 32.00 ***********
  • This is everybody's first PAX event, hence the indepth impressions starting at 28.30

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Nice. Very nice.

Very very nice in fact.

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Posted By huser

@matthew: Spectacular work. I've had an on again off again interest in their off the cuff predictions. Stuff with a clear time frame, but obviously random, like Starcraft II coming out in 3 years, (or the timing of the various next expansions) and stuff like that. I just rarely keep notes and just encounter them as I go through the back catalog so kudos to you.

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Sexual and lecturer. Entertainment of the brain and brawn.

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I heartily endorse this bombcast breakdown

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@oneandonlybige: I'll be honest, I was a bit hesitant on actually doing this one, so much so that I passed it over and did the next couple episodes after it before coming back knocking it out. It wasn't even 80min, but the amount of stuff that could be noted was just as much as a 120min Bombcast. Also, the crazy part of it all was Rorie and Alex are both back with the site obviously...was weird to think of them as working for different companies while I was taking notes.

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Posted By OneAndOnlyBigE

The level of detail here is awesome and also fucking crazy.

Good work duder.