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"Random PC Game" Timeline

A list of games featured in the Vinny and Dave smash hit "Random PC Game" subscriber-only feature. Each game gets a short summary (don't want to spoil too much after all) and because the list is a little sparse right now I took the liberty of using my crystal ball to ascertain the subjects of future videos, at least until the end of 2012. For some reason I just get static after December 21st.

Also: Boy howdy, gosh and poppycock if Dave isn't making this list harder to organize with all his divergent choices. That's what I get for buying crystal balls on the cheap.

(Since the dumb gag idea with this list kinda blew up in my face and NeoGAF/ResetEra often uses this as a reference, I took out all the pretend ones. These are all legit! Check out this link for the videos!)

List items

  • (Sept '11) In the inaugural episode their hype for Skyrim inspires Dave and Vinny to take a look at an elder Elder Scrolls. Dave rolls up a pretty bard lady of a "guile and diplomacy" bent, discovers that the opening dungeon is a breeze. Albeit the sort of breeze that mercilessly kills you over and over.

  • (Sept '11) Deciding to continue down the classic CRPG route for the time being, Dave and Vinny load up a save towards the end of the expansive first chapter of BioWare's D&D nonpareil. Dave negligently saves over his file before discovering that the last battle irrevocably turned Minsc into a rock.

  • (Oct '11) Dave takes Vinny on a tour of a futuristic oatmeal production facility in this obscure-ish isometric shooter. The interstitial cutscenes would begin the duo's trademark fascination with games containing dubious FMV.

  • (Oct '11) Vinny and Dave go through SWAT-training school, discover the merits of slicing the pie and are endlessly gunned down by a little old lady in this Sierra cop simulator. Vinny becomes oddly attached to a "nosy neighbor" extra.

  • (Dec '11) With the help of the hint skull and their own moxie, Vinny and Dave beat Roberta Williams' FMV "classic" in one sitting. They are made slightly uncomfortable by the weird rape and weirder plasticine-enhanced death scenes.

  • (Jan '12) The pair find themselves trapped in another world full of oddly-accented aliens and blocky inventory items lying in random places. Having no particular destination in mind, the pair decide to look for trouble. The game is happy to oblige them.

  • (Jan '12) Vinny and Dave are joined by Brad and get into space shooter shenanigans with Luke Skywalker, a porn star, a giant cat puppet, one of Biff Tannen's many descendants and a moderately attractive cast of nobodies. To honor Brad's involvement, they find out what happens if they keep failing missions.

  • (Feb '12) D & V are joined by crap-enthusiasts Ryan Davis and Jeff Gerstmann for this cyberpunk FMV adventure. They insult the C-list cast, get stymied by a typical 90s graphic adventure puzzle and decide to pick fights with virtual Walkens on C-Space.

  • (Feb '12) The duo are joined by Drew as they discuss night missions, giraffe camouflage and the dreaded Mechistopheles in this flight-stick-driven shooter sim. Dave's not the best at piloting a giant metal robot, but he Mechs do.

  • (September '12) A cyberpunk thriller where death lurks around every corner (an understatement, as it turns out). Dave and Vinny are joined by Ryan, who knows a few things about robo-ninjas, obnoxious pause screens and being slippery when wet.

  • (October '12) Vinny, Dave and Drew hunt replicants, admire fans and become bomb disposal experts in this game that's like the movie but not quite the movie.

  • (February '13) The final Random PC Game, for now, Dave, Vinny, Drew and special guest Alexis take a trip inside David Bowie's mind. This is classic Quantric Dream, back when they made games instead of bad movies with QTEs.