BombWatch: I'm back...I guess

So...hey! I'm back.

It's been a long week for me. I started my senior year of high school on the 8th. The only reason I started so late was because my high school is undergoing construction and now it's three times as big as it used to be. The construction workers needed all the time they could get to finish the school before we got in there. Actually, it's still not finished. It won't be until next year, but it has certainly capable of acting as a school and a construction site simultaneously.

Just in case you wanted to know, here's my schedule:

1st Period: AP Calculus
2nd Period: Sports and Entertainment Marketing
3rd Period: AP Statistics
4th Period: AP Economics
5th Period: Lunch/Homeroom
6th Period: Spanish IV
7th Period: AP Government
8th Period: AP English IV

So yeah, a lot of AP classes.

Along with all that goodness, I'm also looking at colleges. Actually, only two colleges: University of Pittsburgh and Robert Morris University. Both of which are close and have good Business programs. I'm currently leaning towards PITT, because it's closer and there's a lot more going on in the area. I could get into either of them easily. Last year I had an average GPA of 4.6 and I got a 1360 combined Reading and Math score on my SAT.

But enough about that...actually, one more thing....

Today in Econ, my teacher used the Nintendo Wii as an example of supply and demand. Basically, if the price of the Wii goes down, the quantity will also go down. I was ready to be a dick and chime in with "But Nintendo has never dropped the price on the Wii...". A missed opportunity, I guess.

As far as games go, I didn't play much of anything over the week. I did play some Forza Motorsport 2 over the weekend, and that was pretty good. The career mode is a grind, but it's also addicting. I'm probably gonna rent TNA iMPACT tomorrow on 360. I checked on the internets to see what Achievement points it had, and they all seem extremely easy to attain. So, maybe I'll have my first 1,000 point game.

I also saw Burn After Reading on Friday. It was probably the second best movie I've seen this year (behind The Dark Knight, of course). The movie really is pointless because there's basically no change from beginning to end minus a few deaths here and there, but it is incredibly funny.

Before school started, I did get some SOCOM Beta test in. I really didn't care much for it, which is kinda nice if you think about it. Now, I have one less game to buy in October. I'm probably gonna go to GameStop in the next week or so and axe my preorder in favor of a LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, Dead Space, or Fallout 3 preorder. (Shit, I still have a lot of games to buy in October).

Well, I guess that's it. I know I probably missed something, but I certainly have enough content in this post to be satisfied with it.

See y'all on the boards.


PS. I knew I forgot something. Death Magnetic came out on Friday. It's awesome. Go buy it!

BombWatch: Nothing to play but Castle Crashers...

Which is not a bad thing at all.

I haven't been playing anything but that because there really is nothing to play. It's kinda sad. Maybe if Midway can come through and make a good game out of TNA iMPACT, which drops next week I think, then I'll have some good fast paced arcade style wrestling to play. I'm not counting on that, but if the reception is good enough, I'll probably pick it up.

But let me talk more about Castle Crashers. My character (the blue knight) is at level 45 now after finishing the game. The final boss battle is pretty awesome and the ending after the credits is pretty hilarious, mostly because it comes totally out of nowhere. I had to beat the final boss twice because I forgot to grab his sword the first time. Make sure you do that when you face him. The sword is not overly powerful, but it is very balanced and doesn't hurt any of your stats, it only helps them.

I guess I'm gonna go back and build up a few more of my characters so I will be ready just in case I need to use one of them online. I've already gotten to level 4 with two other characters, the red knight and the barbarian minion. I used the barbarian to get the "Traitor" achievement. I also want to get a few of my friends together to play some local multiplayer, because I've already done a little bit of that and it was very fun.

Before I finish writing this up, I need to comment on the latest Bombcast. Having Rich, Alex, and Matt was fun and all, but there was something kinda disappointing about it. They did comment that they were in a post-panel daze, which makes sense, but I thought Rich Gallup's Bombcast review would be a little more entertaining.

Also, all the swearing was a little weird and uncomfortable. Maybe that's what kept Rich quiet. I don't know, I just hope he comes back for another show.

OK, that's pretty much...

Oh, nope, that's not it. I forgot to mention that the SOCOM Confrontation beta was delayed. It was supposed to launch tommorrow, but now it will launch on Friday. I have a lot of things to do Friday, so I won't be able to play much. That's okay, I'll have plenty of time throughout September to play it.

I'm out.


BombWatch: Castle Crashers, New Metallica, and Lowered Standards

Welcome back to the BombWatch!

The first thing that comes to mind for me is Castle Crashers, so I'm gonna talk about it first. I was hesitant to purchase Castle Crashers today. I had a friend over my house and I decided to run the demo so we could both try it out. After playing it and reading IGN's Review I was confident that my 1200 Microsoft Points would be well spent.

I was right. Castle Crashers is awesome.

What's not awesome, however, is how the online doesn't work. I tried to get into some online games and I was unsuccessful every time. That's not too big a deal, though, because playing Castle Crashers by yourself is actually really fun. I thought it'd be a game that was more fun with other people (actually, it is), but going full on single player is very rewarding. When it gets fixed, I'll have a good leveled up character so I can hold my own.

Along with Castle Crashers, I've also been playing a lot of MK2 on PS3. That game will never, ever get old.

Other news this week is that Metallica released another new song called My Apocalypse. It's probably the first Thrash Metal song Metallica has written since 1988. I'm very, very happy with it.

The last thing I have to report is that my school is lowering the standards. The school's grading system used to be where an A started at 93%, etc. Now it runs off of a simple ten point system:

A: 90-100
B: 80-89
C: 70-79
D: 60-69
F: 0-59

I guess I'll have an even better chance to get straight A's, even though I've done such with the old system.

And with that, I'll end this BombWatch.

See you on the boards,



Capcom games...

I guess by default it would have to Mega Man. Given a Bionic Commando treatment, I would really like it. Of course, they're already making Mega Man 9 with retro graphics.


BombWatch: Too; or, The Day That Finally Came

Hey everybody,

The first order of business involves Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. My brother had a friend over today and when he logged on to Xbox Live, he told me the Force Unleashed had gone up. I was kinda pumped, so I downloaded it, played to completion and promptly deleted. I agree with what the guys said on a previous bombcast, it feels like a tech demo more than a full game. First of all, the game's graphics don't look that great. Then, and the thing that most bugged me, the targetting system is complete shit. I could never direct my force powers where I wanted them to go because there was so much random trash that I kept locking on to. So, if the force powers don't work right, then there's just the hacking, and that wasn't even much fun. Needless to say, I will not be playing that game any more.

Then I got onto playing the Too Human demo. That game has problems too, but it was fun. I didn't think I'd be saying that. First of all, the graphics on that game aren't good either. The character models look worse than in The Force Unleashed. Also, all of the story content and the dialogue I saw was stupid. I found myself skipping through the cutscenes put in front of me. But the good thing was, just playing that game was fun. I don't why Too Human is any different than The Force Unleashed, maybe it's because the combat is so easy. I don't know. I might actually rent that game, just so I can fight some robots and maybe get a few points along the way.

After all that, I downloaded Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty today. I've been playing for about an hour and I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's more platforming heavy than its predecessor, which is perfectly fine with me. I'm looking forward to playing more of that. I'm just a little disappointed it doesn't have trophies. I thought Insomniac would surely jump on that as soon as trophies were announced. And when I'm all done with that, I'll be playing The Last Guy demo. I just barely touched it before going into Ratchet and Clank, so I'll have to play more of that.

The most important part of the day, however, was that Metallica debuted their new single "The Day That Never Comes" on the internet today. The song is just under eight minutes long and it sounds a lot like one of Metallica's older ballads. I'm very happy with the single and the more I listen to it, the more I like it. Thank God.

With all that out of the way, I guess I'll get back to some Ratchet and/or posting on the board.

>>> Met2609

P.S. I guess I'm not an idiot, as Jeff Gerstmann also thought that Castle Crashers was coming out this week.