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  • No other game has managed the level of suspension of disbelief, and no single-player game has come close to me spending this much time on. I can't imagine a better choice for Game of the Year 2010.

  • Ubisoft has succeeded with something amazing here - while Assassins Creed: Brotherhood can hardly be described without using a synonym for "Cash out" - it does so without subtracting from the franchise - it actually adds to it. But it's a fine line - and the multiplayer, as interesting as it is, walks that line very carefully. For what it's worth, though - I'm looking forward to Assassin Wars/Control and Assassins Creed 3. It should be a good ride. (And, dude, wtf, at that end!)

  • The moment I saw that first TGS 2008 trailer, I KNEW I had to play this game. Bayonetta may be highly sexualized, but I don't think she's disrespectful to women. If anything she's a rolemodel. An extremely independant woman who is part of a Matriarchial society pretty much running the world? :P

  • Zelda derivative? Sure! But like everyone says - it's the Zelda game a lot of the grown ups have been clamoring for - a lot darker with almost God of War-like combo systems. Very nice.

    Also, the way the game ended "Not alone...", was so awesome. Best game end of 2010? Quite possible!

    Super pumped for the sequel!

  • Man! Maaan! SMB is insanely crazy! I love it! I'll NEVER finish it, but I love it.

  • Unique, memorable, even if the twist is a bit cheap, it did blindside me.

  • Even though the multiplayer is completely busted (to this day, I have not been able to play online games with any friends), I really enjoyed Splinter Cell: Conviction's singleplayer campaign, to the point where I think it would be a shame not to list it here.

  • Didn't try it single-player, but it was a co-op delight!

  • Starcraft 2 is, to me, like all Blizzard games - among the games with the highest production value, the most little hidden touches, but... ultimately, there's just something derivative about them. Don't get me wrong, I think that Blizzard is one of the most amazing developers in existance - and I think it's probably a great place to work. Just... I often find that I easily get bored of most of their games - Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 are so similar that by the time Diablo 2 came out - I felt that I had had my fill of Diablo 2 before the game was out. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Starcraft 2 is so beautiful, it really doesn't feel like a lot has happened in the last 12 years. Of course, another beef I have with Wings of Liberty, in particular, is the single player campaign - which I found was extremely unfullfilling - it felt like a third of a story... like a big huge "TO BE CONTINUED", a third through a good book.

    Despite all that, it's hard to make a Game of the Year 2010 list without including Starcraft 2 - that's how good it is. And how good Blizzard is.

  • Civ 5 has a strange place for me - on the one hand, it's a great game with a lot of innovations over Civ 4. On the other hand, it's exactly the same game again - with a couple of features missing (which were added in addons!) from the "definitive version of Civ 4", making it feel a bit lackluster compared to it's older sibling.