Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

2014 was a bad year for me, both for playing video games, and doing other things. Just didn't get a lot of stuff done. And I ended up delaying writing down this list because I wanted to finish Dragon Age: Inquisition before I go around to it.

In the end, I've exited 2014 with a massive backlog that I'm hoping to get around to, including finishing Dark Souls, playing Dark Souls 2, Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed Unity, Child of Light and Valiant Hearts.

Looking at this list, I feel a bit depressed. There are some great games, but I feel like I played a lot less interesting games in 2014 than I usually do. And I don't feel great about having 3 repeating games from last year's list. Even if those games are great, and they are games I played and thought about a lot in 2014. In many ways, I would probably have placed those games higher, if I didn't feel bad about it.

List items

  • Divinity is one of my favorite CRPGs ever. Pretty much everything about it is amazing, and the addition of Co-op only makes it even better.

    There's just so much here. And while there are parts that aren't great, but overall package is just so much FUN. The way co-op allows you to argue with your partner's decisions using Rock/paper/scissors is amazing.

    The way the combat/magic system interacts is insane. Being able to combo fire into poison causing a huge poisonous explosion, adding oil for another explosion and blinding everyone in the cloud.

    And that music. Wow.

    What really pushed Divinity: Original Sin to the top for me, was probably the co-operative play.

  • It's funny, when I heard there was a new Wolfenstein game, I didn't care. When I heard it was ex-Starbreeze people making this game, I was excited. When I saw pre-release footage, I stopped caring.

    And then I played it.

    I did not expect a game to pull off concentration camps with respect in 2014. I especially did not expect it to happen in a Wolfenstein game.

    I did not expect to care about B.J. Blazkowicz. But I do.

    Well played Machine Games. Well played.

  • Coming into Ground Zeroes, I didn't expect much more than a Tech Demo that wouldn't last more than 45 minutes.

    Coming out of Ground Zeroes, I see where they are going with The Phantom Pain. I am simultaneously excited and horrified - Ground Zeroes gets very dark.

    (I don't really feel like the criticism that Metal Gear games have always been "silly" really works. Of course, there has always been silliness in these games. But every game has had dark tones)

  • Yeah, again. MGR:R is an amazing game that I replayed when it was released on PC, together with all of the DLC that I missed on last year's console release.

    There's just so much going on here. And it's so elegant.

  • I've played so much Warframe. SO MUCH.

    And Digital Extremes do a great job keeping me interested, and keep coming back to it.

  • Best co-op game ever?

  • Another great game by Vlambeer. Everything is great about Nuclear throne!

  • Now. Hear me out.

    I actually had fun with Watch Dogs. I'm not denying it has problems, it does! But I actually enjoyed my time with the game a lot.

    And I do think it's a bit sad that most people never really experienced the seamless multiplayer, which was really cool.

  • Blizzard actually did it - they cut the heart out of Diablo 3 and rebuilt it into a game that was worth playing. I did not expect that to happen.

    Bit disappointing that it had to happen, though. But I guess even Blizzard fails occasionally?

  • I wanted to love Transitor - in the end, I just like it. Never managed to grab me - I felt like it was writing checks it never cashed.

    It's soundtrack is the most memorable part, which I still listen to regularly.