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@bisonhero: You're right. La-Mulana really makes use of its archaeology basis and requires more than just dexterity and patience. I feel like people who describe Rogue Legacy using the term "metroidvania" are being disingenuous. It's just a randomized platformer set in a castle with "permadeath" (though not really) and leveling up certain skills or abilities that do nothing to actually gate your progress. La-Mulana is all about puzzle and ability/equipment gating.

Disclaimer: I have not beaten La-Mulana, but I have beaten Rogue Legacy.

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I like it a lot more than Rogue Legacy. It's far closer to a real Metroidvania game. I just wish it had a built in CRT filter. The one in SweetFX just doesn't fit it correctly.

I frankly don't get the Rogue Legacy love.

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Michiru Yamane did some great work on Castlevania SOTN, even though that's not technically a JRPG. Aside from her I'd have to go with king lord savior Nobuo Uematsu, since they're the only ones I can name. As far as I'm concerned, he's the biggest reason Squaresoft was able to make the SNES my favorite console. Sure, a lot of the stories were good, but I wouldn't have seen them through if the atmosphere didn't hold up. He made sure that happened.

edit: Oh, how could I forget? Keiichi Suzuki's and Hirokazu Tanaka's compositions made Earthbound a hell of a game as well. I don't know if they also did the basic sound design of that game, but it has the best sound effects of the SNES.

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GTA4 is the perfect game to inject SMAA into with SweetFX. It looks far better than the game's native post-process edge blurring. Just make sure to grab one of the shader mods that reduce the DOF blurs so you can keep the other blur effects with definition set to off while keeping the game sharp enough for the SMAA injector to detect edges.

But yes, it's a pretty terrible port that runs poorly on most hardware even to this day.

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Anybody know of any New Year's concerts being streamed live? I'm staying in tonight and wasting time on my computer like any other night.

My favorite New Year's Eve's have been going out to see live music. With the large rise in popularity of streaming in the past couple years, I figured there would be a few good live concert streams. However I seem to be coming up a little dry on that front.

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The driving physics in GTA5 were a massive step back from GTA4.

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Run the Jewels was a killer surprise. El-P's beats always impress, but I got straight'd by that album. And on top of that it's free. I also really liked How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence by MSI. The album I listened to thirdmost this year was Carach Angren's 2012 release Where the Corpses Sink Forever, which I've done a total 180 on since last year. Deeds of Flesh's Portals to Canaan was kinda disappointing after waiting through the last 2 years worth of delays.

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Thanks for the link to the full thing. That's just what I was looking for.

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That's an interesting question. I know that on PS3, my camera and my Xbox360 USB Rockband microphone both work for voice chat in games. A quick search shows that even bluetooth headsets work as microphones in Rockband on PS3.(edit: maybe not. I'm seeing conflicting reports) This makes me believe that all microphones that work on PS3 work interchangeably. I wouldn't be surprised if this type of functionality carried forward to the PS4 and you were allowed to use voice navigation via any microphone.

Pretty sure Kinect was required for voice navigation on 360 just because MS wanted you to buy the peripheral, and not because the controller mic couldn't handle it.

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Weird. I had a 4gb patch today for Enemy Unknown, and I don't even own Enemy Within. This makes me think everybody who owns XCOM has the EW content installed. At this rate, I'm going over my monthly bandwidth cap for sure.

EDIT: I just looked in my game directory, and it seems like the 4 GB I downloaded was a bunch of rendered cutscenes in 1080p instead of the EW game content. Running them through the Bink player, it looks like the basic stuff from the standard game (intros, autopsies, planes leaving and returning, etc), except maybe a little cleaner. Were those originally in 720p? Has a release of XCOM been announced for next gen consoles yet?