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My Completed Games of 2013

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  • GOTY 2012! No but seriously Great art style, extremely varied and most importantly a lot of fun. I also found myself spending hours in the track editor though tutorials are lacking. Doesn't really matter anyway because nobody bought it!

  • Puzzle and Platformers are my most hated genres so i was suprised when this game made bus journeys to college bareable. The platforming is tight, puzzles make you feel smart and it uses TOUCH CONTROLS WELL!!!

  • My first experience with the Hitman series and i really enjoyed. i know people are disappointed since it is different form blood money but personally i had a great time though the story is dump. i'm very tempted to go through it a second time to see the other ways to complete missions.

  • I was looking at the games section of my local supermarket when i say sleeping dogs for just £20. i thought this will do until PS All-Stars. Later did i know i was playing it for months completing every side mission. The gameplay in this game was awesome, very similar to the Arkham games.

  • Having no experience with the devil may cry franchise before, DMC was a crazy experience to say the least. I honestly think this game has the best bosses of a any game. The level design was incredible and very unique.

  • The humour is definitely there and the puzzles feel rewarding but it was a pain in the butt having to back track constantly and walk through the same areas with separate characters. Also experienced a lot of technical, choppy frame rate, characters getting stuck in textures and froze.

  • Mainly multiplayer focused but l wasn't very good at it. Still had a lot of mindless hours of fun with this games campaign, definitely love the character design. It's one of those games which is good to play while listening to a podcast.

  • Such an extremely emotional game. The events of The Walking Dead left may stunned for days. Every character you will become emotionally attached too. Though the events of The Walking Dead are heart-breaking and horrifying you will be glued to the controller to see what will happen next.

  • Look, It's a Lego game so you will spend most of your time collecting. I purchased this because l thought an open-world Lego game would be awesome but unfortunately there is nothing to do in the open-world but it is somehow so addicting to collect everything, god dammit.