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Top 10 2012

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  • An experience unlike any video game to date. It's very hard to put this game into words but l'll say it should be played by everyone who considers there self as a gamer.

  • This is another game which l would consider an experience. It's an experience that will grab and you will never let go. There's no JRPG's like this, truly unique and breath taking.

  • After playing XCOM for hours on end just to see my squad killed by an alien who somehow shot through the wall to kill my last memeber, yet somehow l was still glued, just wanting to give it another shot. Enemy Unknown continues with addicting but cruel gameplay the franchise is known for.

  • l bought Sleeping Dogs because it was cheap and l needed something to play up until PlayStation all-stars was released and yet l had more fun with Sleeping Dogs! This Hong Kong based open-world game gives a new welcomed taste to the genre with a story and characters you care about.

  • Max Payne 3 is a simply yet satisfying game. For example the narrative is nothing special but it is displayed in a unique way giving the game style. And how can you get filling enemies with shots in bullet time!

  • There was a lot bad press surrounding All-Stars and to some extent l agree with it especially on the weird the character choice but this game is undeniably fun, it's just entertaining in a charming way to watch PlayStation characters fight amongst themselves and fun with friends.

  • Rainbow Moon is definitely an under rated game. People to have claimed to want a traditional JRPG and it's right here. It has everything you expect from that genre, cool fighting system, epic battles and awesome environments.

  • l know this game has dissapointed hardcore fans of the series but as a new comer l really enjoyed Absolution. The options you have on how you want to execute your moves is fascinating

  • Such an unique game, This game is more fairy tale told beautifully by the games art design . It's a short experience but filled with surprises.

  • This game made my bus journeys to college in the mornings bearable. Now it's nothing surprising, just a game that has been designed extremely well and contains a fun challenge