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@shivermetimbers just gave it a quick look. Seems interesting. I prefer consoles but I'll give this a buy when my Internet resets and I have decent speed.

@pweidman I have gow4, and love horde mode but never finished it due to humans dropping out and being stuck in overwhelming situations in the final few rounds. Is bots available for horde or only vs mode? I guess I can test this when I get home.

@lokihellfire I came to pdzero late, so it's new to me!

Also, I'm one of those old fogies that loves arcade modes in fighting games. Story modes are cool, but I like arcade mode better.

What I'd love for future potential bots is not just easy-normal-hard bots, but also personalities like in crpgs. Imagine ai bots that know they are plus 10 strength or agility, or if they reacted differently because of intelligence.

I think this all stems from not having Internet as a kid and not ever inviting my friends over for split screen action so I had to make due with the ai. I did plenty of that in college with goldeneye though.

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Get Sleeping Dogs instead if you haven't played it.

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I usually find myself at the bottom of the scoreboard at the end of every multiplayer match. This may be a partial reason as to why I find multiplayer games boring. And then one day, I remembered an option that I had long since forgotten about; AI bots.

Granted, most games don’t have bots in their multiplayer matches, at least not as I remembered. Titanfall 2 has grunts to snipe to go along with actual human players to try to kill. Rainbow 6 Siege has the terrorists in Terrorist Hunt. And Halo has Spec Ops which is essentially just large playground maps to kill aliens. But none of those bots act like how a real human player would play in multiplayer deathmatch scenarios, which is what I’m nostalgic for. None are replacements for when you don’t have human friends to play with.

And then I started playing Perfect Dark Zero.

The controls are stiff, the movement is weird, and there are maybe two or three people playing multiplayer at any given time of day. After one too many rounds where I’m desperately searching a map for the one other player playing, I went to the AI.

Perfect Dark Zero allows bots in their matches. This is perfect when you can’t get a full squad together on a game that’s been out for fifteen years. But I don’t use it that way to round out my team.

I make it a simple 1v1 affair. You versus bot. Human versus robot. There are three different difficulty settings for the AI, going from normal (agent), to hard (perfect agent), to terminator (dark agent). Along with these settings, you can also choose behavioral patterns with the bot too. Is he the vengeful type? Is the AI a bully?

I was able to beat Agent AI pretty easily so I moved it up to Perfect Agent. Definitely tougher but I handled it. So I moved it to Dark Agent AI, and that was something else. They actively search for you (essentially bee-lining right towards you) and can headshot you quite easily. They're so good, I don't even bother waiting for human multiplayer while it tries to gather people.

The most important thing that came out of playing against the bot though; I felt the same sort of faster heart rate, stress, anxiety, and eventually elation, just like if I had played against a real human. Even better, it doesn't camp. It chases, it shoots, it finds, and then it kills.

There are other games that have bots that I’ve played recently, most notably DOOM, which lets you do a practice mode with bots. However, I didn’t find the AI all that interesting, and much prefer just blasting aliens in single player. There’s also very good and pesky bots in regular Perfect Dark. CS:GO has bots, but I just don’t like the game in general so I don’t play that one much.

*I’m still waiting for an announcement that TimeSplitters 2 will be re-released soon.*

So nowadays, when loading up a multiplayer match on other games takes too long, I just load up Perfect Dark Zero, a dark agent bot, and pick Facility (home field advantage) for a 1v1. Try it yourself and you can thank me later.

So what say you? Do you enjoy playing against bots in multiplayer scenarios as the main nemesis? Or do you prefer they just get out of the way so real humans can fight it out? Are there any games with bots that you love and want to toot its horn?

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I've hopped back into both Halo 5 and MCC in recent weeks. With Halo 5, still loving Heroic Firefight and Warzone, both even moreso after I stopped hording my req cards for a rainy day. However, I can't ever get a game going in Breakout (my favorite mode) or it takes forever so I just leave matchmaking. And when Halo 5 takes too long to load, I pop in MCC for big team battle and social slayer. I do wish there was a Firefight mode in MCC. It's unfortunate it can't all be bundled into one menu between both games.

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I'm in the midst of my free trial being a premium member, got my little badge and everything.

I subscribed because I was really curious how dude was going to play through Mass Effect as I've been working through the series myself.

Question for you all- what's the first thing you did since becoming premium? Was there a specific reason or videocast that you wanted to watch that pushed you over the edge to subscribe?

Also, any tips and tricks premium members should know?

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Yes. Do I care enough to change? No.

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Just beat Mass Effect 1 about a month ago after starting my character file about five years ago when the ps3 had a sale on the trilogy.

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Paneer, samosa, butter chicken, and some garlic naan


Green/yellow/red curry with some rice.

ETA- if it's just one meal, gimme the Indian food.

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Sure is. There isn't a more misguided cast of characters with the worst type of honor than the ones in The Shield. The guest stars (Glenn Close, Anthony Anderson, Forrest Whittaker) were the best parts of their respective seasons.

I loved that the first episode is the match that lights the entire series. Everything up until the end of the series revolves around that first episode and the repercussions.

And finally, it suffers a bit from being a "serial" in that there are more crime of the week episodes than I'd like, but even those episodes drop background, history, and motivation of the characters. Most notably, episodes during Vic Mackey's early years with his Carl Weathers as his partner and mentor, which would shadow how Vic and Shane's relationship.

The show also delved in LGBT issues with the rookie cop, though that angle was dropped by the actor who played the cop.

I rank it slightly above The Wire as the best show on television.

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